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Reviving original formulas

Reviving original formulas 10 years ago
Why is the House Oriza L. Legrand the only one to revive the original formulas, almost identical as way back in early 1925?

The other Houses, like Chanel, Guerlain, Fath, etc. etc. have their original formulas still in the records as well. But they don't revive the early scents, as far as I know. The excuse is usually, the ingredients are dangerous to the public health, thus we MUST REFORMULATE.

My question is, if one House can do it, why not the others?
Assumption 10 years ago
The increased cost of natural, raw materials. The price of the perfume will be forbidding.
10 years ago
Seeing as the actual formulas are trade secrets it could just be a marketing ploy, especially in the midst of the current wave of reformulation. Without a vintage sample to compare it's impossible to say whether the perfume has remained the same. IFRA regulations could play a role but that is being discussed in another thread -- interesting stuff!

Not saying it's a bad thing though -- when big businesses keep swallowing smaller perfume houses, some kind of a sign of independence is really good pr and will definitely catch my eye.
6 years ago
Other houses recreate original formulae as well, Pipette. For instance Patou with their Collection Héritage or some of the Lubin scents, e.g., "Korrigan" (Thomas Fontaine's specialty is recreating vintages).

I believe it an inaccurate assumption Oriza L. Legrand reissue fragrances with an 'almost identical' formula for they can't, even if they wanted to. Like it or not, many aroma materials are rigorously restricted and some prohibited or simply unobtainable which they weren't back in 1925. And that's before any accountant gets to point out that margins may be increased by substituting with cheaper inputs.

If you want faithful recreation, you'll have to visit the Osmothèque or get Guerlain to let you sniff some of their flacons that are not for sale. Wink
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