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The classiest scent in your wardrobe

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10 years ago
Hmmmm....I just meant that because of the sign at the entrance (no harm to Dolbyworld) because I was/still believe I always stayed out. That's all. No biggie. Plenty of other forums here.
10 years ago
Hello DieNase. Hello everyone.

I know what you mean. To reply to your spec;

**Classy meaning
- more special occasion than everyday use
- you feel like you have to dress up in order to be up to it
- smells luxurious, expensive, sophisticated
- smooth, subtle **

The ultimate for me is Tabac Blond Extrait, it's transformative. Another that does a great job in this regard is Coco. Very glamourama.
10 years ago
Chanel Chance
I usually only wear it when I dress up, though I could easily wear it everyday.
There is always still another classy scent. 10 years ago
I just discovered MDCI Paris "Chypre Palatin".

Oh, wow.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Must be "Coromandel". Oh god. This perfume is everything.
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