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Which Fragrance Evokes the Most Memories for You and Why?

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10 years ago
I would have to mention two, "Lagerfeld Classic" by Karl Lagerfeld and "Grey Flannel" by Geoffrey Beene. Lagerfeld is a spicy, warm and woody scent that brings back colorful fall days of the late 1970's. Grey Flannel was my eternal spring, with a fresh green sensory overload of violets. I love them both to this day and treasure vintage bottles of each. I wear them from time to time, when I want to escape into the past.
10 years ago
Shalimar was the first perfume I ever smelled as a child and it has since become my signature scent. I was seven years old and my mother had a bottle in her drawer and had dabbed some on and put a little behind my ears. It was heavenly to me! From the time I was somewhere around 19, I began owning my first bottle, and haven't stopped. It is such a luxurious, beautiful smell to me and I'll always remember it as my very first perfume.
The second scent in my history is patchouli. I was a hippie and of course, we wore patchouli back then, and musk, etc., and to this day, whenever I get a whiff of pure, fragrant, true good patchouli, I am immediately brought back to my days of being a free-spirit, and I think of how life was back then.
10 years ago
"Obsession" was my first real perfume love. When it was new on the market I found it classy, sexy, unforgettable and then there was this scented strip in a VOGUE magazine. In short : to my teenage nose it was heaven.
Obsession was my signature scent for at least a year, then I got tired of it as I really used a lot and it began to smell different to me.

Another perfume love I will always cherish is "Opium". The good old Opium which has been heaven or hell to so many noses and over decades and generations. What a blast of exotic notions - if you wore it you needed guts. I had...a little Smile As a teen it amazed me but I was also frightened of that mighty queen of spices and resin.

"Poison" Yes, another 80s flashback comes to me the very moment I have Poison in my nose. Even the current formulation still has a tiny bit of that huge, loud boldness that I already adored in my pre-twen years. Of course, I was too young for such a scent but I did not care. I especially loved the Parfum de Toilette.

Even with a changed formulation I cannot deny their importance which lingers in my memories. Lucky you if you still own a bottle of the treasures you adored many years back Smile

In my later years for some time I adored "Eternity" and other rather fruity-floral lightweights, I guess I was still looking for my inner self (and that one never, ever is an "Eternity" girl ! *g*).
Eternity was my favourite scent as a twen. I still kind of like it but it just is not me at all. Not anymore. Nonetheless, the memories are still connected to Eternity. Memories of some love stories and of coming of age a bit more.
10 years ago
Diorella that my mother used to wear and Eden that I purchased on a whim while being at the Le Bourget airshow. I guess it was in 1993. I still love it.
10 years ago
Really good memories of my late Aunt Marie and Tabu. She was big, loud woman who bartended all of her adult life, and a total sweetie. She chain smoked Pall Mall unfiltered cigarettes, and practically bathed in Tabu back when it was a powerhouse. I miss her.

An acquaintance from college ruined CK Obsession for me. She was nice, but had deplorable hygiene habits. She douse herself with Obsession in lieu of a shower and some deodorant. So, whenever she was around, you would get hit with a wall of Obsession and then her rancid sweat.
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