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Looking for beautiful Lilac!

Looking for beautiful Lilac! 10 years ago
Hello All,

I'm looking for a gorgeous, Lilac dominant perfume. I do prefer that it is a floral or oriental/floral. Could you please give me some suggestions? Very Happy
10 years ago
Olivia Giacobetti's "En Passant" springs to my mind. However, if you are looking for something more lasting, "Rigas Cerini" by Dzintars may be your cup of tea.
10 years ago
There's always Pacifica's Lilac. It's a soliflore, and a very true lilac smell.
10 years ago
I'm in love with "Purplelight". It has a refreshing bamboo note that prevents the heady, fresh lilac (in this perfume I can see the blossoms hanging heavy on the tree) from taking over completely.
10 years ago
An underrated and very affordable classic. Is "5th Avenue" by Elizabeth Arden. It is a mixed floral with a lilac note, very spring-like and not cloyingly sweet. Good longevity with a lovely bottom end.
10 years ago
Not a complete soliflore, but a pleasant mix:
Antica Farmacista: Orange Blossom, Lilac and Jasmine.
10 years ago
Thank you so much - I have heard of some of these but never tried them. This seems to be my wake up call! Very Happy

More suggestions are most welcome. I'm especially interested in niche lines as well. Smile
10 years ago
"After My Own Heart" by Ineke is very nice, very realistic.

yes Smile
10 years ago
Ok - so I guess Ineke is definitely on my list of sample hunts! Laughing
10 years ago
Has anyone tried Neil Morris "Flowers for Men - Lilac" ?
10 years ago
What about Rochester Lilac?
En Passant is beautiful but it has not a good longevity, on me at least.
And Ineke. That is a great choice.
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