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What Perfumes Do You Select For The Solstice or Christmas?

What Perfumes Do You Select For The Solstice or Christmas? 10 years ago
Although some might consider this frivolous as a topic, it is not meant to be. On the night of the Winter Solstice, one of the perfumes I wore was Mink & Pearls. It evokes such a spiritual depth for me that it is a perfume I only wear on certain occasions.
Today is Christmas Eve, and of course, follows Christmas Day. Out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone had 'special' perfumes that they had selected for their holidays?
I also celebrate Russian Orthodox Christmas on the 7th of January. Not sure what I'll be wearing yet, but Edwardian Fireplace might be a choice unless I can get my hands on something else I've been hoping for.
10 years ago
"Anima Dulcis" by Arquiste. For the reason that I just got a rollerball version of it and love it. Not ready to write a full review yet. It fits very nicely the Holidays - with its sweet warmth, spice and cinnamon dry down. Chocolate cookies, anyone?
10 years ago
Black Cashmere Donna Karan
10 years ago
L'heure bleue, by Guerlain.
10 years ago
I wore "Coromandel" throughout, it fits the climate and polar night perfectly. Such warmth!
10 years ago
I wore "Coromandel" on Christmas too. It's such a lovey-dovey, multi-faceted, yummy little thing, it's to the benefit of everyone who hugs me. Laughing

We're having a little warm weather at the moment, and somehow "Beige" just seemed appropriate today. I only have a mini, so I use it only once in a blue moon, and today is the day!
10 years ago
"Armani Code Luna" for the Solstice. It felt like the most appropriate fragrance for the occasion. Smile
10 years ago
Today is Russian Christmas and I have chosen my beloved Shalimar. It is 1 degree, feels like -18, with expected temps to go lower to -35. My Shalimar is wrapping me like a warm blanket...
10 years ago
Looking at my "you have worn" list, it turns out I picked "Ambre Doré " for the Solstice. Okay, that was a deliberate choice on my part, this fragrance feels like a bottled essence of the Sun to me.

I wore Holy Water (aka Acqua Santa) by La Via del Profumo on Christmas day. A light and soothing combination of orange flowers with subtle incense, great for a day off. If I say it had nothing to do with the holiday or the fitting name of the perfume, I know nobody's going to believe me.

"Miracle Homme" by Lancôme for the New Year's day. Haven't worn it in ages, grabbed on an impulse in the morning and enjoyed it through the day. A fresh start for a new year Very Happy
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