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Jeanne Arthes Perfumes...

Jeanne Arthes Perfumes... 10 years ago
I can't find a similar topic, so I hope this isn't a repeat...

What are your favorite Jeanne Arthes scents and why? Tell me what you like about them. I'm just exploring this house a bit and there are so many...

Thank You. Very Happy
10 years ago
I like Private Room.It's a soft sweet scent.
10 years ago
I just bought "Guipure&Silk" in France (supermarché!) and I love it - it's very closely realted to "Hypnotic Poison" before reformulation.
"Sexy Boy" is a nice copy of "Gaultier LE MALE".
Both fragrances are very good quality - given the low price.
"Amore Mio Forever" is a fruity-floral which comes in a pretty vessel, it's slightly reminiscent of the lighter versions of "Nina" by Nina Ricci.
A blind buy of Jeanne Arthes is no risk. Very Happy
10 years ago
Here's another vote for Guipure and Silk. It's simply lovely. It's actually nicer than Hypnotic Poison, and the bottle is gorgeous. Sultane Noir Velours is a lovely jasmine-based fragance. I like Sexy Me No.1. too. It's a unique fruity floral gourmand with lychee and chocolate notes. Amore Mio is another nice one is you like fruity scents.

I agree that a blind buy is virtually risk-free. I've bought seven, and they're all nice. Their line of Jeanne D'Urfe fragrances are great too. Giselle is my favourite of those.
10 years ago
I only have a few but my favorite is "love never dies gold" it is a warm, slight sweet, earthy, almost dark floral on me with great sillage and lasting power.

I really enjoy her love generation series but they aren't great on lasting power.

I'm also dying to try Guipure & Silk..
10 years ago
I also like "Guipure & Silk". "Patchouli Sumatra" is good too, as is "Love Generation Rock" which smells like Givenchy's Ange ou Demon.
I don't care for "Love Generation Arts", it is like Lady Million.
9 years ago
I really enjoy Love Never Dies Black Jewel and Love Generation Rock. Fashion Victim and Love Never Dies Gold are nice as well.
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