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Do chilled perfumes turn scentless?

Do chilled perfumes turn scentless? 10 years ago
I will explain. It is not about the perfume aspect it is the real cold bottles of perfume. I ordered some and, brother, it is deadly cold in my area, something like 4F for a high in the Midwest of US and when I got my bottles they were cold and even after an hour, when I tried the perfume it seemed scentless. Has anybody had such a happenning?
10 years ago
Not yet - and I've just had a few bottles sitting outside in -20°C (-4°F) for a few hours. If you're worried, just give it a few more hours to warm up!

I might do an experiment on 'frozen' perfume vs. room temperature stored juice one of these days though! Very Happy
10 years ago
Thank you. I will try them again this morning.
10 years ago
Let us know. Here in the East it's been very cold. I don't keep my house very warm, either. In the summertime, I rarely put my A/C on. Now that has me thinking. Of course, we look to different scents in the different seasons. Weather always makes us appreciate perfumes in different lights. So how much of a factor is the temperature of the bottle(the fumes inside) in our appreciation of the scent also? Because room temperature actually varies, too. At least in my home, I know it does.
10 years ago
I will tell you about the outcome. As much as I know the freezing point of alcohol is around -173F. The oils can freeze more easily and maybe that's why I could not feel the scent . Anyway, the bottles were not frozen but very, very cold.
Among them I had a Divine-L'Infante and it would be such a pitty to loose it.
10 years ago
I've had two packages come within the last week and I haven't noticed anything off, thankfully. Smile
10 years ago
I am glad nothing happened to your perfumes, Cryptic. It is the first time when I noticed this phenomenon. We have had record low temps not seen in 40 years.

I tried the L'Infante today and I can state that it was not.
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