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What perfume have you bought recently?

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10 years ago
"24K" by Jivago and "Todd Oldham:8cb93c88a4]

Sorceress, mine is on the way ....."Todd Oldham:8cb93c88a4]

Add me to the "Todd Oldham" club! My under $5 mini is on the way. I always wanted to try it.

That's too due in a week of delivery...just kidding, but I am curious what you ladies will think of it
So pretty 10 years ago
I got myself a decant from The Perfumed Court of "APOM pour femme" by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Oh, so pretty. One would want to wear something soft (like a shawl or a fuzzy sweater) to match the sheer and fragile cloud of this feminine perfume. Full review later. Love it already.
10 years ago
I have been on a spree!

Guerlain "Aqua Allegoria Jasminora" mini
Guerlain "Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea"
Coty "Emeraude" edc (vintage)
Coty "Muguet des Bois" (vintage)
Beyoncé "Rise"

Got some intense sniffing in my future Smile
the 5th... 10 years ago
Elizabeth Arden "5th Avenue"
10 years ago
"Crepe de Chine" by F. Millot will be arriving soon ...
10 years ago
Fragonard : Grain de soleil
10 years ago
bath and body works splurge

"Forever Red" - love
"Forever Red Vanilla Rum" - love but very similiar to the original
"Forever Midnight" - strong like, just a touch too sharp for me to love
10 years ago
Apres L'Ondee. Eau du Sud (3rd) L'Heure Bleu(first FBI)
10 years ago
Happened to find some excellent buys this week-end.

All by Rihanna:
"Reb'l Fleur"

Kim Kardashian's:
"Kim Kardashian"
"True Reflection"

Tokyo Milk's:
"La Vie La Mort No. 90"
these 3 are part of a set called #112 and have 2 vials each so you can mix and create your own scents:
"Vanilla Orchid & Honeyed Cocoa No. 113"
"Tonka Bean & Sweet Amber No. 114"
"Sugared Creme & Fennel No. 115" .

Tried "Design" at Macy's, liked it, but didn't like their price, so went to Marshall's and found a gift box with lotion, bath gel and an EdP for $12.99 instead of the $60 that Macy's wanted.

"BCBG Max Azria"

10 years ago
Very Happy You go girl, find them bargins Sorceress.

I am stalking the mailman, 4 vintages from my picker in Cincinnati.

Todd Oldham being one of the 4 along with Obsession and Eternity.
10 years ago
That's awesome, Cincy. I love getting packages and stalk the mailman too.
10 years ago
The mailman must wonder what's in the packages that gives us such delight... Wink Bet you're excited Cincy!
10 years ago
Yep, Hayven, I guess I should put some clothes on before he arrives today. Cryptic says I am running around naked. Shocked

Yes, I am Sorceress because I think I am getting the old Obsession.
10 years ago
The old Obsession? Omg...better spray a little of that stuff.... ShockedLaughing I'm jealous!

I really did luck-out this past week-end. All that stuff was marked down to clearance. I don't usually find so much like that in one fell swoop. They were all onesies sitting on the shelves. I'm still waiting for one vintage to come in tho.
10 years ago
I finally snatched up a bottle of something I've been looking quite some time for:

"Héritage (Eau de Parfum)" by Guerlain
10 years ago
Good for you Flac, I can relate to that feeling. BTW you have been missed.
10 years ago
"APOM pour femme" by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Since the first whiff in the brick and mortar store OSSWALD in Manhattan, I was smitten. Love it. A piece of me. Well, it is a skin close scent and gets better and better. Medium sillage but great longevity.

Am too busy to write a review but highly recommended.

I was testing "La Perla" and what "La Perla" softly announced, "APOM pour femme" delivered.
10 years ago
Waiting on deliverly of blind buy "Margaretha Ley" off ebay
10 years ago
"L'Ombre Dans L'Eau" by Diptyque
10 years ago
Waiting for Pinaud's Clubman and flankers
10 years ago
Doux Amour by Spadaro
10 years ago
"Uninhibited" just arrived and it's beautiful...
10 years ago
Just picked up & I love both, will be great for spring & summer
Anna Sui "Rock Me! Summer Of Love"
Gres "Cabotine Rose"
10 years ago
Last night I put in a casual bid of €25 (without shipping) on a bottle of Annayaké's Undo and this morning I received a response that the bottle would be mine for €30, shipping included. So I actually got it a little cheaper than what I was initially willing to spend. The only other bid was €20 so I was surprised I received a message back that the seller agreed. Considering it's 99% full, I think I made a good deal paying less than half of regular retail. Very Happy
10 years ago
"Rochas Femme (1989)" I just picked up...very nice
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