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favorites 10 years ago
My current favourites are:

- "Chamade Homme"
- "Arsène Lupin"
- "L'Homme Sage" by Divine
- "Arooq Al Oud"
- "Vetiver de Frédéric"
- "Rodier pour Homme"
- "Aventure"
- "Homme Pininfarina Collector"
- "XPEC Original"
- "Acqua da Toeletta"
- "Millesimé:2fb97c7f85]
About that i know, favorites:
Black oud - Montale

Timbuktu - L'artisan

Energise - H. Boss

Le Male - Gaultier

Habit Rouge - Guerlain

Ormonde Jayne Men

Arabie - Serge Lutens

Dzing! - L'artisan

Lotto men

Yohji Yamamoto Homme
10 years ago
Royal Oud
Red Vetyver
Tobacco Vanille
Dior Homme Intense
10 years ago
habit rouge guerlain
new york nicolai
moschino pour homme
jaipur edp boucheron
antaeus vintage chanel
kouros vintage ysl
aramis 900
black aoud montale
10 years ago
1. Acqua Di Parma-Colonia
2. Five O'clock au Gingembre- Serge Lutens
3. Ginestra- Santa Maria Novella
4. Le Boise- Ginestet
5. Fahrenheit-Dior
6. Wonderwood- Comme Des Garcons
10 years ago
Eau Sauvage, both current and vintage as well as the 100% Glacon version.

Dior Homme Sport (2008)

Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone
10 years ago
Dior - Homme
Molinard-Homme II
Diptique-Eau de 34 Boul.
10 years ago
I have many 10/10 points favourites Laughing
Yellow Sea
Guerlain Homme Intense
Magnetism For Men
Oudh Al Bahar
Ambre Sultan
Patchouli Leaves
Blue Amber
Gucci Pour Homme II
Givenchy Play Leather
Arabian Oasis – Al Raaqi
Guerlain – Homme L´Eau
Virgin Island Water
And these are ones which i own just a sample:
Eau Des Baux
Ambre Russe
New York
Dark Aoud
Geo F.Trumper - Sandalwood
Passion Boisée
Coeur De Vétiver Sacré
Majid Muzaffar Iterji - Sahara Man
Allure Homme Edition Blanche
Majid Muzaffar Iterji - Al Amerah
D&G The One For Men
Rotana - Marrat Sanah Silver
Sarahs Creations - Aashiq Walhan
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10 years ago
My husband has about twenty frags. My son, who is 33, checks them out when he is visiting. I listen to their banter.
On my husband Azzaro's Acteur is a smouldering rose. It's different and I like it on him. I am always surprised when he wears Quasar, it's a binge thing, almost too much but you go back for more. There's the usual suspects, Terre, DHI and Eau Savage etc…. and then there's my old friend that still makes my knees wobble. Devin.
10 years ago
My choice is Versace Eros (check this for more info). I don't like to take a risk so I buy only what I know that I will like this. This have my friend so after I try it there was only one think to do - buy one for myself! Amazing!
10 years ago
Current top 10:

Aromatics Elixir,
Missoni di Missoni original,
Jacomo Anthracite pH,
Homme de Grès,
Gentlemens Aftershave by Bronnley,
Perris Monte Carlo Oud Imperial,
Lutens Santal Majuscule,
Kenzo Jungle Elephant
10 years ago
These are favourites at the moment:

Eva Kant-O'Driu
Vesrim-Madhat Scents
Fusion sacree pl-Madja Bekhali
Fumerie Turque-Serge Kutens

Of course, these will change at a moments notice Smile
Re: Men's favorites 9 years ago
Dior Homme
Gucci Pour Homme II
Pure Malt
Chanel's Blanche
9 years ago
My current faves on my partner are;

1. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau Fraiche Body Splash

2. Only For Him by Hayari Couture, Paris

3. Davidoff Cool Water Pure Pacific
9 years ago
YSL - Jazz
YSL - La Nuit de L'Homme
YSL - Kouros
Prada - Infusion d'Homme
Dior - Eau Sauvage
Dior - Homme Intense
Dior - Homme
Dior - Homme Cologne
D&G - The One
Paco Rabanne - Pour Homme
Chanel - Pour Monsieur
Chanel - Antaeus
Chanel - Egoiste Platinum
Hermes - Terre d'Hermes
Aramis - Aramis
Hugo Boss - Number One
Penhaligon's -Blenheim Bouquet
Floris - Limes
Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue
Puig - Quorum
Lacoste - Pour Homme
Charles Jourdan - Un Homme
jules 7 years ago
7 years ago
Gucci Envy For Men
Gucci Pour Homme 2003
Oscar Pour Lui (vintage)
Guerlain Heritage EdT
Opium Pour Homme EdP
Jil Sander Man Pure
M7 (first version)
Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (1992 version)
A*men Pure Havane
Luciano Pavarotti EdT
Fendi Uomo
Schwarzlose Berlin Fetisch
7 years ago
I like that many people started their replies by saying, "At the moment my favorites are..." Like everyone else, I tire of some of my favorites or grow to love those that initially rubbed my nose the wrong way.

Chamade pour Homme - Guerlain
Fille en Aguille - Lutens
Volutes - Diptyque
Ambra Nera - Farmacia SS. Annunziata
Noire de Noire - Tom Ford
Baie de Genievre -Creed (discontinued)
Chene - Lutens
Philosykos - Diptyque
5 O'clock au Gingembre - Lutens
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