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APOM pour femme - grey vs. golden cap

APOM pour femme - grey vs. golden cap 10 years ago
I just bought - from a reliable store - "APOM pour femme" by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

My bottle has a golden cap.

As the Parfumo perfume page shows the bottle with a grey cap, and members' photos on that page show both the grey cap bottle and the golden cap bottle,

I wonder if it was reformulated and which version is the first and which is the second.

Thank you.
10 years ago
This topic has now 34 hits but nobody knows the answer.

What I have, smells good. However, the decant from The Perfumed Court is stronger. How can that be?

I will just be content with the version I have and spray more. Good stuff whatever the bottle cap.
10 years ago
I saw the bottle at Neiman Marcus and it was a golden cap one.
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