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Canvas & Concrete

Canvas & Concrete 10 years ago
Has anyone used this?

Does anybody think it works?

I'm kind of skeptical. I would think it would evaporate just like any perfume would. But then again, I'm not into the whole "skin chemistry" hubbub.
10 years ago
I'm very interested in this, have been since it was reviewed on Frag, unfortunately they don't ship to Australia and have no estimate for when they will.
I imagine it would work like a spray-on band-aid, but without the chemical smell those have. Just an odourless barrier between skin and perfume, thin enough for body heat to travel through and wake the perfume.
10 years ago
10 years ago
I oredered it from I am supposed to get it in a few days and I will let you know.
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10 years ago
I'm sceptical to be honest. How long a perfume lasts is quite subjective depending on the person. Obviously there are the really strong perfumes that will last a long time on anyone. Those that have less staying power, will they last longer? I don't know. However, I would be very interested to hear how others get on with it. I shan't be rushing to buy it unless there is an overwhelming positive reports regarding it. I can't help but think it's just a gimmick. Confused
10 years ago
Did they mention the ingredients anywhere? I couldn't find them.

That would be the first thing I'd want to know before even considering it.
10 years ago
Maybe it's Iso E Super. Laughing
10 years ago
Similar concept to using a very thin veil of vaseline, I suppose. But I agree, I'd like to know the ingredients, too.
10 years ago
As they don't ship here, I bought some and mailed it to a friend with their agreement that they would forward it to me. That was five months ago, still waiting for them to post it, grr! As soon as it arrives I'll happily review how useful it is.
10 years ago
I got the perfume "primer" and want to share with you my opinion after having used it a few times with scents which use to sink into my skin and perform a disappearance act.
The lasting result is modest. I would say it extended the lasting power of the perfume by two hours. Not what I expected.
However, it is good for those with fragrance sensitivity. It protects the skin against the itching but that means you have to spray the perfume exactely on the spot where the primer was applied and you have to let the primer dry for half a minute or so. What it is really great about it is the fact that it eliminates the alteration of the scent due to apocrines.
There were no ingredients listed. I do have a certain degree of skin sensitivity at a few ingredients in the perfumes and the primer helped.
10 years ago
It seems like it's more of a barrier spray then.
10 years ago
Due to being "dangerous goods" it seems there's no way I can get my hands on this after all. Mad Are there other barrier/primer sprays besides this brand? Perhaps something available here in Australia?
10 years ago
Dear Scarletting,
Before this primer I used Camellia Oil. Besides hydrating and being full of antioxidants it forms a barrier like no other body lotion or even the argan oil.
I will not purchase again the primer.
10 years ago
I have tried Argan oil but the pure grade Argan oil has quite a nutty scent that changed my perfume too much, but with your suggestion I have done some reading and Camellia doesn't have that problem, so I will try that.
9 years ago
'Barrier' doesn't necessarily sound so good for the skin...
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