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Oh those lilies

Oh those lilies 10 years ago
Ever since fragrance became a hobby of mine, I am on a quest for a lily-centred perfume. I love the intoxicating scent and elegant splendour of lilies and would like to find this turned into a scent.
The lily in "Lys Méditerranée" is perfect to my nose but occasionally I wish for a less transparent take.

I have searched high and low and neither "Stargazer 7.71" nor "Baiser Volé" (EdT & EdP) appeal to me, the former for being loud and monolithic and the latter for its synthetic demeanour.
I dismissed "Gold" by Donna Karan because of its screechy amber, although I adore the lily in this.
Penhaligon's "Lily & Spice" is lovely but for some reason I can't really pinpoint not quite satisfactory.
In "Relique d'Amour (2012)" I expected to swoon over lily in combination with frankincense but to me this lily is simply too pale.
"Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia" I remember as fairly tropical, lovely and light-hearted, yet not quite what I am looking for in a lily.
"Lys du Desert" lost its lily somewhere on its way to my nose and "Un lys", though beautiful, is busy kissing a muguet.
And the undeniably elegant "Collection Extraordinaire - Lys Carmin" is more about creamy powderness than lily.

Meanwhile my test list for lilies is dwindling.
Next to "Lys 41" there are the two lily renditions by Ava Lux, "Madonna Lily" and "Stargazer", which I am curious about, and Roja Dove's recently issued "Lily". Other than than I am wondering if there are any lily fragrances out there that capture this flower in a photo-realistic way and I would love to hear your suggestions. Very Happy

10 years ago
Have you tried the new Cartier "Lys et Rose?" Better than the original (which you don't like... and neither do I). Unfortunately, I'm not an expert when it comes to I'm afraid I haven't got any other ideas than the above mentioned.
Good luck with your search. Let us know what you found.
10 years ago
Searching for 'lys' I found: Tom Ford "Lys Fume", Annick Goutal "Des Lys", Jovoy Paris "Lys Epona" and Molinard "Les Fleurs de Provence - Lys". Haven't tried them though.
10 years ago
I also love lily and struggle with the same problems. Have you tried Shanghai Lily by Tom Ford? I was a bit sceptic because of the strange toothpaste note in his Lys Fumee, but pleasantly surprised after the first 30 minutes.

How about La Vierge de Fer by uncle Serge? I have only tried the wax so no idea how the actual perfume behaves. Although this may have some of the same problems as Lys Mediterranee.
10 years ago
Thank you for your suggestions! Very Happy

Haven't tried "Baiser Volé Lys Rose" but will trust you here, Gold, though I am usually suspicous of 'pretty pink'. Thanks for suggesting this.

Thanks for the search, Sleuth. I forgot to add "Lys Fume" to my above list of already tested lily fragrances. I like it, especially because of its plastic facet but quarrel with the poor volume (and I am saying this about a Tom Ford fragrance ..). "Des Lys" and "Lys Epona" are difficult to get but I am on the hunt for both. Kafkaesque reported Lys Epona is a real stunner (lily & leather) but apparently features rather underwhelming volume and tenacity. "Les Fleurs de Provence - Lys" I wasn't aware of, thanks for drawing my attention to it.

Finanna, I will check out "Shanghai Lily" asap, it sounds promising. "La Vierge de Fer" I had forgotten about but definitely worth a try, thanks for the reminder. Do let me know if you ever chase down THE lily. Wink
10 years ago
Neil Morris has a lily + muguet combo.
10 years ago
"Intimate Lily" went straight on my to test list. Cheers, Sleuth!
9 years ago
Great topic! I am still searching for an alternative to Lily & Spice! Has anyone tried Cdg "Lily"? I am very curious about this one and "Un Lys".
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