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Do our perfume choices influence our other choices?

Do our perfume choices influence our other choices? 10 years ago
I just realized the funniest thing.
Not long ago I was browsing the web for some home remodeling ideas and fell in love with one certain green leather sofa. I've been thinking about it a lot. Then it struck me. Green. Leather. Clearly I couldn't help loving it, it's a furniture incarnation of "Bandit"! Laughing

And it wasn't just one instance. Right now I'm planning a big event and to ease the process I decided to first choose my scent for that day. I thought of a perfect combination of notes and stopped at lavender and vanilla. Et Voila! the color scheme of the whole thing dawned on me: lavender and vanilla hues will look stunning together be it the flower arrangements, the tables, or anything else.

So, has your perfume addiction fuelled your choices or likes/dislikes in other areas?
10 years ago
Ooooh, I'll have to think about this - what an interesting observation. I do think it may have gone the other way for me - I love lots of exposed wood in my home even before I loved it in perfumes.
10 years ago
Interesting observations, CC!

For me, no not really. I like wearing gourmands, but they don't make me hungry or decide to bake some cookies. I guess if anything, it's the other way around and I bake a dessert while wanting to find a scent that captures that moment in time.
10 years ago
Basically, I like soft unobtrusive perfumes. If it were paintings, I think of Cezanne or Monet.

Not for me something vivid like Kandinsky or anything with brilliant acrylic colors, as I abhor powerful or strident scents.

Thus I dress moderately and understated and as far as home decorations, nothing flashy either. Muted colors. Soft shades.
9 years ago
Great examples! I will start looking for these correspondences now.
9 years ago
My thoughts go to my accessories which, like the perfumes I love, are meant to make a strong statement.
9 years ago
Hahah, there is definitely something about this -- I think we tend to choose both the perfumes and accessories/decorations/etc that suit the mood or a state of mind, and perfume can be a focus to help pull it all together. I never thought about it that way but I am definitely trying to choose by perfume when I am picking design elements or clothes Smile
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