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What are you waiting for in the mail right now?

What are you waiting for in the mail right now? 9 years ago
Perhaps this topic exists already - in the form of "what have you purchased recently", anyway, I will start it. There is always this sense of great anticipation when a favorite scent is on the way.

I have ordered at AusLiebeZumDuft 2 samples of Grossmith, "Hasu-no-Hana" and "Phul-Nana". FirstInFragrance has a decent 2 ml size which permits adequate testing. That may be wise here ... because the full bottle is very, very expensive.

The other package will come from LongLostPerfume, namely "Crepe de Chine", it is a bit delayed, I am looking forward to a 2 oz. bottle at a decent price. Hopefully it has enough resemblance to the original scent which was exquisite. There was an ad in the subway train or on a bus, showing a half-full bottle of "Crepe de Chine" with the words, "by now you should have quite a past".

I wish that this place LongLostPerfume would bring back "Le De" by Givenchy, another classic that is missed (by me).

When the goodies arrive, I usually make time to open the package leisurely ... a highlight of a regular and ordinary day.
9 years ago
Nothing at the moment, but yesterday I received a bunch of perfume samples by our fellow Parfumo user E99EsAns. He has his own little brand and a shop in Nuremberg, Germany, where he creates his own perfumes. An online shop is still being planned: 30?ref=ts&fref=ts

We are currently adding his perfumes to the database.

His origins seems to be in an Arab country, and from the first sniff, so is his perfumery. I will write one or the other review soon.

An Arab perfume shop with its own perfumer - another sight for Nuremberg!
9 years ago
I waited two weeks for a package from Haus of Gloi, an indie perfume and bath/body company. My apartment office never gave me the slip in my post box to tell me it had arrived over a week ago. So I went in and picked it up. Inside, I had a bar of soap in Litchi Milk tea, a small 2 oz jar of Mango Sticky Rice body emulsion (light lotion), White Blueberry perfume oil (5 mL), and White blueberry pumpkin butter (4 oz); all for $20 plus $5 shipping. Not too bad.

I am also waiting for an order from Moonalisa (another indie company); 2 roll-on oils (5 mL) of Candied Lime and Cardamom and Black Currant Berry Tart.
9 years ago
I'm waiting for a back up bottle of Ajmal Maraam.
9 years ago
I'm waiting for Quel Amour by Annick Goutal
9 years ago
I'm waiting for a "Chapeau Bleu" , I love the bottle. The juice sounds wonderful, too.
9 years ago
"En Avion" by Caron, a decant from The Perfumed Court. (Member ScentFan's Sniff-Fest topic had something to do with that.)

Although many Caron fragrances are available on line at the discount places, "En Avion" full bottle can best be shopped at fume-boutique.html

I was in that boutique several times, and lovely Diane will make the visit a perfume experience, instead of just sniff and go.
9 years ago
Received in mail this week 6 samples from Histoires de Parfum the 3 tubereuses , blanc violette, 1826 and ambre 114. I think on my to buy list goes tubereuse 3 for autumn/fall.
Also in mail 5 re-buy samples from Atelier Cologne.
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