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Pondering 1990's men's fragrances

Pondering 1990's men's fragrances 9 years ago
Let's use this thread to discuss 1990's men's fragrances - whatever you want to discuss.

But I want to start with some thoughts about aromatic fragrances that survived into the 90's, even when it was the aquatic & unisex decade.

When I started my fragrance journey some 4 years ago I was familiar with "Antaeus", the good old animalic stinker from Chanel and I also knew "Platinum Égoïste". After adjusting to the metallic geranium+lavender combo of Platinum Égoïste, I added it to my small collection and started to really appreciate it: It had traditional ingredients but was at the same time very fresh and versatile.

I know that I'm going to ignore "Égoïste" (1990) here a bit, but bear with me.. So, knowing Antaeus and Platinum Égoïste, that got me thinking: How does one get from A to B ? There is almost nothing in common. I couldn't place Platinum Égoïste in the decade where Acqua di Giò and CK One reigned supreme. But today I bought "Herrera for Men" (1991), it's basically a fresh tobacco and clove fragrance. With that one as a transition I can start to see how evolving aromatic men's fragrances got to the point of Platinum Égoïste in 1993.

What do you think about these things? Do you think aromatic fragrances got extinct in the late 1990's or were they really never gone? (I'm really having trouble thinking of one from the 2000's, at least one that isn't about lavender)

Do you also like light aromatic fragrances or are are your favourite fragrances from that period rather the aquatics or unisex (ish) fragrances?
9 years ago
Weren't the aromatic fougeres already headed south in the nineties?

Let's have a look at the wonderful "Globe" by Rochas. When it came out in 1991 I guess you could call it an aromatic fougere although it is a bit on the leathery side. I did not like it at first. It actually had an unpleasant resinous touch. (I guess I would like it today!) It had too much of a powerhouse fragrance for me.

Then, some years later I changed my mind and I bought it. I think it had been reformulated during its lifespan - something that already happened in the nineties here and there. But - in this case the change was an improvement. The fragrance appeared to be more elegant, more modern and easier to wear.

Actually, the supposedly reformulated Globe is one of my favorites of that time, and I pity its discontinuation. It is a real gem and leftover stock is still available on the net. My presumably 15 year old Globe is still okay. I also purchased another flacon on stock two or three years ago, and it is also still okay. Only the slightest traces of aging.
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Re: Pondering 1990's men's fragrances 9 years ago
When I started my fragrance journey some 4 years ago I was familiar with "Antaeus", the good old animalic stinker from Chanel and I also knew "Platinum Égoïste".

The Chanel gent's colognes were all big in the nineties but they left me clueless. Neither the Allure nor the Égoïste fragrances appealed to me. I generally found them unbalanced, soapy or with an unpleasant sharpness. Chanels great chypre Pour Monsieur wasn't that popular and did not came into my view.

I have to admit Chanel's Égoïste advertisement was brilliant:
9 years ago
After doing some fragrance browsing, I think you're right, Apicius. Aromatic fragrances/fougères went pretty much extinct. (not counting tobacco fragrances). Things like Rive Gauche pour Homme (2003) are an exception. Thanks for pointing me to Globe, I didn't know it.

And I agree about Allure pour Homme. It (and the flankers) are so middle of the road that it has become boring.
9 years ago
The only men's fragrance I know well from this time period is Preferred Stock. It was my signature back then. I adored it and didn't give one fig if I "smelled like a guy". I must've gone through 5 bottles of it. I kinda miss it sometimes. I've been afraid to pick up a new bottle because I'd be really disappointed if it didn't smell the same. It was the scent of my teens and has a special place in my heart.
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