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Neela Vermeire Créations

Neela Vermeire Créations 9 years ago
I am enormously curious about the new release - in April 2015 - by Neela Vermeire Créations: "Pichola".

See Kafka's gorgeous photos of Lake Pichola in India. Above all, the notes tempt me.
9 years ago
Still on a flower trip eh Pipette? Smile It looks like it's chockful of good ingredients, and Neila Vermeire's fragrances all get good ratings. (On the other hand it looks too feminine and too expensive - for me at least)

Which notes do you hope will be the dominant notes?

It's funny how we can get all excited about new perfumes without any reviews or ratingsSmile

Personally I have that with Hermès' new "Le Jardin de Monsieur Li". I can't wait to smell it!! Feel free to talk about that one, or speculate, in the Hermès thread.
9 years ago
The bloggers' world seems to agree that "Pichola" is a special perfume.

Not many regular reviews as yet, none here, as the price is high.
9 years ago
The notes look very promising. Saffron, rose and Ylang-ylang are always hits for me.
9 years ago
Yes, reviews are positive all around but has anyone from here personally tried it yet?
9 years ago
There are thousands of new perfumes every week on the market. I have an instinct that this one could be outstanding.

If only the price were not so high.

So it has now the reputation of exclusivity, but very few buyers.

It was introduced on the Esxence in Milan, along with so many brands that nobody can keep track of.
9 years ago
Sounds like Esthee Lauder's beautiful with spice.
6 years ago
Reportedly her new fragrance will be introduced at the upcoming Esxence: NiralNiral, again Duchaufour. Smile
See persefume for more info.
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