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Miller Harris - worth buying blindly?

Miller Harris - worth buying blindly? 8 years ago
First time post so apologies if I have broken any etiquette. I have been offered Feuilles de Tabac and Terre de Bois by Miller Harris for €25 each (100ml testers). I have never tried them. My question is, are they worth blind buying? I know MH is a quality niche line. Any thoughts?


8 years ago
I'm sorry, I have no experience with those scents. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will reply soon.
8 years ago
I have tested a few but so far none of their perfumes made it into my collection. The MH perfumes are high quality niche perfumes but like most you should try before you buy
8 years ago
I've only tried 1 of their fragrances and the performance was disappointing.
8 years ago
Hi Rob,

I've got to agree with Sleuth that (from what I've tried) the performance isn't great. That being said, I've only tried Feuilles de Tabac and La Fumee. Going from memory……

Feuilles de Tabac: Dried tobacco leaves; old school; smells like something from Aramis though without the animalic/civet edge; pleasant enough, but dated and in my opinion not memorable.

La Fumee: To my nose, this is a watered down incense frag, though there is more going on than just incense; there's something in it that strikes me as herbal, non-sweet orange, which actually gave me a bit of a headache the one time I wore it. As I prefer things that are edgier and/or more contemporary (unless, that is, the ingredients and notes are so rich and opulent, e.g. Bogue's Maai), I would rather reach for something by Comme des Garçons.

From the above two scents, I would say that Miller Harris conveys an old world aesthetic that utilises watered down masculine notes. For what it's worth, I guess.

8 years ago
"Geranium Bourbon" from MH is one of my favourite perfumes, a must-try if you enjoy lush rose and geranium, but it's the only one I've tried from this house (yes, it was a blind buy). Performance-wise, it has nice projection and longevity in the "acceptable" range. Not a great deal of development but I'm so smitten with the scent that I tend to forgive any shortcomings.
I've been tempted to blind buy others, especially "Fleur du Matin" and "Terre de Bois", especially as I can buy them online in my own country for less than half retail price, but mixed reviews on performance have given me pause.
On the plus side, the bottles are gorgeous and, like the Lutens bottles, come with the option to use as a spray or splash, very handy for decanting.
6 years ago
As for the projection and longevity, It may depend on the scent type. For instance, I find that Tangerine Vert, in this regard, compared with Noix de Tubéreuse, is like Eau de Cologne to Extrait. The latter definitely needs a point/very light-handed application, 1 spray max, best under clothes, or otherwise, it will develop monstrous with good tenacity.
3 years ago
I have to second the similarity to Aramis comment and also somewhat dated about Feuilles de Tabac. The only men one I enjoy at the moment is their Vetiver Insolent. It is earthy and aromatic. Suitable for all ages, you just have to love vetiver. It is not a lemony freshie one which is good in my books. The performance is not fantastic but it stays around. It just starts quite loud, 30 min or so later, the projection shifts to a comfortable one arm's length. It lasts for a good 7+ hours.
One of my favourite summer fragrances is their discontinued Fleur du matin so I am keeping an eye on the brand.
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