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Please help identify a perfume mini

Please help identify a perfume mini 8 years ago
Dear Parfumo Community - I am fairly new to this world of perfume so any help is greatly appreciated. I have a mini I received in a lot with other perfumes. I tried for three days now to identify it and cannot see a photo of it all ..anywhere. The perfume seems modern (post 1990) to me. I took a photo of it but am having issues uploading it. At the bottom, it is about an inch wide and a third of an inch deep. The bottom is half narrow oval shape. It is about an inch and three quarters high with the top. It is a pyramid type triangle shape. There is a V shaped channel in the centre of the bottle with the point at the bottom. The glass is clear colour, without any markings except a number 12 on the bottom. The perfume is a very pale slightly peachy colour. The top is translucent white plastic, an oval from a bird´s eye view, and a T shape from a side view. there is a slightly raised circle in the center of the top from a bird´s eye view.
8 years ago
I don't know exactly why but it looks like an AVON mini to me.
Thank you Pipette 8 years ago
Dear Pipette Thank you so much. That gives me great help. Kind regards, Mary Very Happy
8 years ago
It's a miniature of Aubusson's "Vingt Cinq / 25" like the one depicted here.

It's name was printed on a sticker which in your vial has obviously come off.
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