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Most important countries in contemporary perfumery?

Most important countries in contemporary perfumery? 8 years ago
First of all I hope that all of you had a perfectly perfumed Christmas and I wish you a divinely fragrant New Year.
Now, this is pestering me for a couple of decades. I'm yet to conclude whether it's France or Italy that tips the scales when it comes to deciding who was the heaviest hitter in both vintage and contemporary olfactory fields. The question also includes who could be the bronze medallist in this race if Germany, Spain and U.S.A. where also standing in the starting line along with the shoo-ins. So let the starter shoot his gun.
8 years ago
I'm not sure that I understand, GH. Are you asking us to make an argument for which country belongs in gold, silver, and bronze?
8 years ago
I guess it could be put this way PBullFriend. Apologies for being kind of incoherent, but please blame it on the festive swilling spree. What I'm actually asking is your opinion about whether it's France or Italy being the most important country in perfumery, based on your personal likings and most cherished scents.
Of course there's always a chance that someone could answer that her/his favourite country is England, if (s)he's in love with Atkinsons', Geo F. Trumper's and Yardley's creations. So you're right, I'd better rephrase and ask which is the country where most of the fragrances in your "I love it" list come from.
8 years ago
No problem, dear GH!
I love the different ways that Parfumo lets us sort our scents, and I tried a couple of different ways to answer this question.
I was surprised in both how much Italy trailed France. I've formed deep emotional connections with so many Italian perfumes. (My dear Fendi Fendi! My beloved Dolce Riso!) I also thought that the US would be far down the list - my home country is both wonderful and exasperating, but I'd never thought of it as a competitor in perfume.

But the numbers don't lie. (Do they?) Of my "most worn" 16, France had 7, the US 3, and Italy, Japan, and England two each. Then, sorting my collection of bottles by rating, France had 54, the US 22, Italy 13, Japan 5, UK 3, and Spain, Switzerland, and Germany had two each.

(I'm guessing that, if I were richer, Italy would do better in comparison to France in my collection. French perfumes are far more available at the online discounters that I can afford.)

And the US vanquishing Italy? Maybe it's because perfumes made here are more widely available to me?

France - je t'aime, mais je ne suis pas certaine que tu es la Reine de Parfum. Desolee.
8 years ago
Looking at my personal collection - France is winning hands down.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Per my most worn list, it’s France by a landslide.
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