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Zen by Shiseido - formulations & similarities

Zen by Shiseido - formulations & similarities 12 years ago
I couldn't help myself and ordered Sisheido's Zen blindly. What are your opinions on it? Is it very similar to Coco Mademoiselle?

11 years ago
i have the original bottle from the 1960s and it is a classic. Wonderful dusty hazy florals-violet-jasmine-rose and narcissus. I had a deja-vu with it and have never encountered it before. Its in a black splash that looks like a saki bottle.

I have no experience with the current reformulation. I hear it was rejected in Japan, hence the original is still on the market in very limited supply.

Good luck!
11 years ago
I got the black bottle too. Another member here confirmed for me that it's authentic and contains REAL oakmoss. It reminds me of Joy but my nose is still wet behind the ears. It smells like flowers to me.
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