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This Bleu De Chanel is real or fake?

This Bleu De Chanel is real or fake? 24 days ago

Hi, thi Chanel is fake or real?

24 days ago

Is the text on the front flat or can you feel it stuck out when you run your fingers over it? All the silver/white text in the front except for the words “DE” and “Paris” should feel like it’s slightly sticking out while the De and Paris should feel almost flat. Bleu and Chanel should be easy to feel as it sticks out the most

And the text on the back, same question, does it feel flat or does it feel like it was stamped with a press? Also when you move the box around in the light does it cause a kind of reflection on the black text on the back?

The bit at the bottom with the recycling logo etc should be flat and the rest of the text should feel pressed on the back.

Oh the CC at the top of the box should feel slightly like the rest of the silvery white text but not sticking out quite as much as the words Bleu and Chanel

If it’s all flat then I would say it’s fake. If it has these little nuances I mentioned where some text is pressed, some flat and some sticking out I am leaning towards real from what we can see.

EDIT: Oh another thing. On the bottom can you feel the bars of the long bar code. Everything else on the bottom should feel completely flat but that long thin bar code should feel kind of ribbed when you press and run your finger along it.

I know some of this may be hard to test when there is the sealed wrap still on it. They are just the things that when looking at my own box stuck out the most to try help without unwrapping it and opening the box to see the bottle which I presume you are trying to avoid.

Also is there a black batch code stamped on the bottom? It’s hard to tell on that photos.

I hope that makes sense.

21 days ago

To ensure the authenticity of a product, especially high-end items like perfumes dua, it's recommended to purchase from authorized and reputable retailers. If you're uncertain about the authenticity of a specific product, you might consider reaching out to the brand directly or using their official channels to verify the product's authenticity.

Keep in mind that counterfeit products can be prevalent in the market, so it's essential to be cautious when making purchases, especially from unofficial or unauthorized sources.

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20 days ago

Looking at the long bar code on the bottom makes me doubt…

11 days ago

why do you suspect it is a fake?

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