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What kind of nature do you enjoy?

What kind of nature do you enjoy? 1 month ago 4

I used to be happy to sit in the back garden in the morning when we had a fox living in it. I believe it may have been a young male who had been ejected from by the vixen mother. He must have found some solace in our garden where i would wake up to him curled up sleeping right out on our grass and would wake up as i went out to start the day with my tea and giving him some nice breakfast snacks, he was amazing how he could open an egg with his teeth. He would gently rotate it in his mouth, biting softly and what he was doing was creating a small hole so he could lay it down on the grass horizontal, and it was like a little bowl to lick the insides of the egg from without any being wasted. I then saw him practice hunting running from bush to bush hiding in one and using my uncle's dog who stays with me at times toys to practice pouncing on. I think he was using our garden as a safe place to prepare for life, and then when he was ready, we never saw him again. I will share a photo.

But what got m thinking of this was this little, cute garden this person has made for small animals. Check it out, it is so cool!

Here is the video of the garden with little houses made in the ground with some cute animals eating the food he has left for them VIDEO LINK I am using this way to share the video because there is an issue with video stretching the screen and covering the top post of the forum.

But yeah, what kind of nature do you enjoy?

29 days ago 1

A touching story. I’ve got three kinds of birds nesting (Indian minas, blackbirds and turtleneck doves) in my little patio. I get a bit sad when some of their fledglings don’t survive. The doves are the least successful in their reproductive efforts. On the other hand, I enjoy watching them bathe in a bowl of water I put out for them. There are also honeyeaters that come when the bottlebrush tree is in bloom. Rainbow lorikeets try to feed on it too, but honeyeaters chase them away. The lorikeets are so brilliantly coloured but also so noisy.

29 days ago 1

@Sassafras Oh wow those Lorikeets look amazing, what a sight to see in your garden and doves also! Awesome! We have Wood Pigeons that i don't know if it is the same pair for the last almost 40 years or if it is many generations which like the many bushes and trees in our area and they are definitely nicer to look at that the common street pigeon but Doves wow. It sounds ike you have some very nice views in your garden, very cool indeed!

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