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Suggestions for a sweet cheapie for all occasions?

Suggestions for a sweet cheapie for all occasions? 8 years ago
Hi all,

I'm looking for a replacement of my "Amber pour Homme" because it's just not my taste. Apicius already recommended "J'S Extè Man", "Custo Man" and "Arpège pour Homme". They are probably very good, but I'm fed up with blind buys......

So I'm still looking for a sweet fragrance and preferrably with the following properties:
- it's cheap, €30 / $35 or less
- it's fine for work and social occasions
- no blind buys please, I like scents that are a bit more complex
Things that would qualify would be: "Bvlgari Black", "Fleur du Mâle", "The Dreamer", but I think I can do better Smile

I'm looking forward to your suggestions!
8 years ago
Does no blind buys mean that they should be easy to find in one of your local perfume shops?
8 years ago
Yes, preferably... At the least, they shouldn't be hard to find. Thanks for giving this some thought!
8 years ago
Wow, that's a tough one. I guess I don't know enough male perfumes. If you don't come up with a better suggestion, I don't think you can go wrong with Bulgari Black.
8 years ago
I must say in advance that sweet, or business/office-safe perfumes are not exactly my track!
However, suddenly the ideas came pouring out and I couldn't stop myself Smile
Some suggestions from my experience coming...

Unjustified assumption, but I think this may be the closest match (how was the phrase... a crowd–pleaser?):
"CK One Shock for Him" (cashmeran I see there, but ... maybe is worth the sacrifice to test once.)
With more class and sophistication:
"Aigner Black for Men" - discontinued but still easy to find
"Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme" - discontinued but still easy to find.
And while we're in the same house:
"F by Ferragamo pour Homme"
A more safe bet:
"Visit for Men"
"S.T. Dupont pour Homme"
"Azzaro pour Homme Elixir" - intriguing, surpassed my expectations
"Avant Garde"
"Silver Shadow" - not identical, but brings the same character as another creation from Kurkdjian - APOM pour homme, just a bit more unpolished, sort of alpha-version
"Rochas Man"
"Paul Smith Man"
"Molinard Homme II"

Even if they are not good ones, are still a sort of ideas Very Happy
8 years ago
Thanks! That's exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for Smile

More suggestions are of course welcome!!
8 years ago
Halston "Z-14" or "Lagerfeld" by Karl Lagerfeld are timeless classics-sort of sweet/powdery daytime appropriate, for men that are still fairly easy to find and within budget.
8 years ago
Couldn't recommend One Man Show more highly. It's magnificent.
7 years ago
I suggest white musk by the body shop, very cheap and pleasant
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