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Amouage and Roja Dove

Amouage and Roja Dove 1 year ago
These brands I've been eyeing for a few years from a distance, but would they be worth investing in?

The ones from Amouage I'm interested in:
Lyric Woman (Extrait)
Epic Woman
Journey Woman
Portrayal Woman
Blossom Love

The ones from Roja Dove I'm interested in:
Elixir Pour Femme
Risque Pour Femme
11 months ago

That is really difficult to really need to test them. Don't think these are blind buy fragrances due to the price.

Getting some samples in would help you out.

Personally, I would chose Journey or Epic for my wife Wink

10 months ago

The only one I have used is I Blossom Love (Eau de Parfum)Blossom Love Eau de Parfum and I find it difficult to wear. Blossom is a BEAST, half a spray will fill a room with a beautiful cherry-smokey scent. It's so strong it can become too much.

9 months ago 1

I have decants of Lyric Woman (Eau de Parfum)Lyric Woman Eau de Parfum and Memoir Woman (Eau de Parfum)Memoir Woman Eau de Parfum and some of the masculines. The one that tempts me most is Memoir Woman (Eau de Parfum)Memoir Woman Eau de Parfum . But before investing I should get a decant of the current formulation as mine is already 10 years old. One thing to consider though - if it takes me 10 years to use up a 10 ml do I need a bottle?

9 months ago

You'd better test them before buying a bottle

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