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Help me with my next purchase!

Help me with my next purchase! 1 year ago

My birthday is coming up and I being a fraghead I want to treat myself to a high quality perfume. Unfortunately samples and decants are very hard to come by in my country so my choice will be a blind buy based on what I've read online and my personal taste.

I would like to ask the community to help weigh in on my decision. Here is some context:

My absolute favorite fragrance is Dior Homme Intense and Parfum which I own both. I am not a big fan of freshies.

The fragrances I'm interested in getting are:

YSL Tuxedo: I got a chance to test Moustache last year and I remember loving it, I hear it's a clone so if it's really close Tuxedo seems like a good choice. I also like to gravitate around private designer scents.

MFK Grand Soir: I own BR540 and Oud Satin mood and I love both of them. MFK has never disappointed me so far and I'm based on the notes Grand Soir seems like a good choice as I am a fan of amber and vanilla. Only downside is I can't sample it anywhere and have no idea what the dna is like.

Armani Privé Iris Celadon: No way to sample this one either but the notes remind me of dior homme intense.

I am excited to hear your thoughts!

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