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While most fragrance and cosmetic labels rely solely on trained noses for their creations, "La Prairie" takes a more scientific approach.

"La Prairie" is the life's work of Dr. Paul Niehans, who was born in Bern in 1882. The grandson of Emperor Frederick III of Prussia first studied medicine in Zurich and was then deployed as a field doctor in World War I, where he witnessed life, death, and aging. After the war, Niehans had extensive medical knowledge in theory and practice. Thus, the expert became chief physician at the Clinique "La Prairie" in Montreux.

In addition to his daily work at the clinic, Niehans was also concerned with cellular therapy and anti-aging processes, which brought him great recognition by the most influential clients, artists, and world leaders. In the following years, "La Prairie" became a beauty clinic where "small miracles" were performed in terms of rejuvenation, at least that's how the well-heeled clientele describes it.

Apart from the treatments in the clinic, "La Prairie" also sells various cosmetic and care series such as "Swiss Cellular De-Agers" or "The Caviar Collection". All body and face products are based on the patented "Exclusive Cellular Complex", which Dr. Paul Niehans developed with the help of his team in the laboratories of "La Prairie". The biological complex is designed to slow down the aging of the skin and protect it from negative influences such as UV radiation.

Exclusive fragrances and the make-up program (USA) round off the "La Prairie" range.
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