Luxury N° 16 2019

Luxury N° 16 by Acqua di Baviera
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8.1 / 10 12 Ratings
Luxury N° 16 is a popular perfume by Acqua di Baviera for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is smoky-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Mandarin orangeMandarin orange Red fruitsRed fruits
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FrankincenseFrankincense RoseRose
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Gaiac woodGaiac wood VanillaVanilla
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Luxury from the northernmost city in Italy
How do you know you're getting old? When you talk about old series that nobody knows anymore! Even before I liked the Bavarian crime series. Police Station 1 with Sedlmayer, SOKO 5113 and of course Monaco Franze. Today he is sitting all alone at the Münchner Freiheit and unfortunately not in his cool black leather jacket, but in his coat. But he looks good, as ever.

Or the grantlige Walter Sedlmayr in police inspection 1. The cool cops halt and me the dearest were SOKO 5113, da wurde auch hochdeutsch gesprochen, so that even I understoods. Since Batic and Leitmayr can pack. Not that they were bad, but the old cops I found better.

Cool they were and are but all. Previously, all have made advertising, Bavarian beer, coffee, salty Tuc cookies. But perfume, no, the Sedlmayr would not have brought under the people. The Franz, yes, he could have done that, with his leather jacket, Spatzl in his arms, picked up directly in front of the opera and gives her another rose, yes, so I can imagine that.

Acqua di Baviera - Bavarian Dolce Vita. In their collection, Italian ambience merges with Bavarian tradition to create a unique world of fragrances. The bottle of Luxury 16 is already noble, a cube of glass wrapped in black leather, on it a gold-colored plaque. The atomizer is also quite good, a fine spray comes out of the atomizer. The packaging makes what her - black with gold lettering.

The description woody-leathery hits it well. ADB starts beautifully fruity with tangerine. But even there is already good incense with it. Red fruits nehm I rather not perceive. But the rose is nice, makes the fragrance softer and round. The combination of guaiac, incense and vanilla makes it seem almost oudy. Then towards the base it becomes leathery, no fine calfskin and no coarse leather either - so in the middle you meet. An exciting Bavarian fragrance story that is really pleasing. Bissi it resembles Brompton Immortals, which also has this rosy-smoky. And also because towards the end the leather with me again less.

The days I tiger times to the flagship store ;)
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