Nero Uomo by Acqua di Baviera
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7.5 / 10 22 Ratings
Nero Uomo is a perfume by Acqua di Baviera for men and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by ExUser, last update on 07.06.2022.
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1 in-depth fragrance description
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Puss beats dog! Oh, and the smell is great, too! :D
Hmph! Now I have a problem. When I last perfumed Acqua di Baviera, I wrote that I couldn't think of a proper introduction to this brand, so I did what I always do: I talked about cats to get at least a little bit of your attention. But I can't just repeat that here! Or is it? D

On the other hand I could talk about dogs this time? Well, dogs are okay, but I like the bigger ones more because the small ones seem too hyperactive to me. Anyway, the dog of my aunt is like that and yelps extremely loud when he sees our tomcat, because he is scared to death of him (the dog is a Maltese). Because before, when he was younger and saw my cat for the first time, he was naturally curious and followed him everywhere. Of course the tomcat didn't like that at all, because he apparently only wanted to have his rest, which led to the tomcat hitting the dog once and the poor dog running away in fear. Well, and due to some "misunderstandings" since then the dog got more and more often on "the face", even if this was not intended at all. Once in summer, for example, when the fir tree in my parents' garden was so densely leafed (uh needled??) that one could not see the trunk and the ground at all, the tomcat had made himself comfortable in this thicket to chill there protected from the heat of the sun.

On the street a dog ran along, which naturally attracted the attention of the Maltese of my aunt (who were with us at this time and we all sat on the terrace because of the beautiful weather), so that he ran barking and racing to the fence, at which also the fir tree stood coincidentally. As I said, the cat in it was not visible to outsiders, but apparently the cat himself saw everything from there. And he thought that the dog would approach HIM and did what probably every male cat would do in this situation: Like a monster, totally horrible like out of nowhere, appearing absolutely psychopathically with extended claws out of the thicket and scaring the little dog to death! :DD

Well, since that and many other such "misunderstandings" the two are enemies. Whereby it doesn't matter to the tomcat if the dog is nearby, but the dog seems to go crazy with shit, because he apparently doesn't realize that he just has to leave the tomcat alone, so that nothing happens. Well... as I said, the two will probably never get along with each other :D

What does this story have to do with the scent here? Actually nothing at all, but I just remembered nothing :D Whereby I have mentioned beside the dog of course also once again the hangover ... but I try to describe the smell as always as exactly as possible :D

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with grapefruit and other citric notes, but also has an interestingly unique, spicy-sweet-powdery note, which comes from the combination of violets with pepper. In addition, it is also a bit harsh in a nice way by the lavender (which also leaves a slightly mature impression).
In addition, there is a small hint of maritime notes, but they are not salty and therefore have a rather aquatic scent. Either way, the fragrance also exudes a holiday aura, which is beautiful.
Over time, the fragrances mentioned above become almost evenly stronger. The nice thing about this is that the pepper doesn't become more pungent. The violets make the fragrance a little more powdery the more intense the fragrance is, and the amber gives the fragrance a stronger sweetness that somehow feels "liquid".
A little later, the fragrance becomes softer, as the bitter and spicy notes continue to fade away, even if you should smell the lavender for a while. This makes the fragrance softer. And now woodsy scents are added, so that you can smell the distinctive scent of the cedar in the base. Since there are also mossy notes here, I now also know where the more mature feeling of the fragrance comes from, since these fragrances remind a little of oakmoss. Otherwise it remains at the end slightly spicy and sweetish.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The vibe's okay. Not too strong, but you don't have to get very close to it to smell the scent.
The shelf life is quite good with over ten hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular or square and black. On the front you can see a golden frame printed on it, where you can see the brand inside this frame. The name is reduced under the frame. In addition you see a lion (big cats!!!), which seems to be the logo of the brand. The lid is cylindrical, gold-plated and shows the brand name once again. It's a nice bottle.

Cat Cat Cat Cat.
Dog dog dog dog.
I urgently need to think of other things if I can't think of an introduction... Hmm... maybe mention other animals? Uh... millipedes? :DD

No, really. I liked this fragrance from Acqua di Baviera as much as I did the first one I tasted recently. As described before, AdB is a German fragrance manufacturer that incorporates a lot of "Italian" into its fragrances, hence the Italian fragrance names.
Although the fragrance seems fresh and almost holiday-like at first, it is more of an all-rounder towards the end, although I would actually tend more towards late summer and autumn as far as optimal usability is concerned in my opinion.

It smells good of spicy and tart notes and has a slightly classic or more mature aura (through the lavender and moss), so that it could not stand so much on the younger ones. Otherwise it can be used both during the day and in the evening. So you can try it!

Hmm... it is always interesting to observe what kind of behaviour some animals show. While the dog, for example, growls and barks at the sight of the tomcat and becomes totally hyperactive, the tomcat observes him almost with stoic calmness and expressionless face and only takes action if the dog should come too close... which unfortunately (for the dog) happens quite often...
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