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STRK by Adidas
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5.9 / 10 16 Ratings
STRK is a perfume by Adidas for men and was released in 2019. The scent is synthetic-citrusy. It is being marketed by Coty.
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Top Notes Top Notes BergamotBergamot Granny Smith appleGranny Smith apple
Heart Notes Heart Notes Birch leafBirch leaf LavenderLavender
Base Notes Base Notes CoumarinCoumarin AmbroxanAmbroxan LeatherLeather MossMoss PatchouliPatchouli
5.916 Ratings
6.914 Ratings
6.515 Ratings
5.021 Ratings
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 25.09.2022.
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Very helpful Review 18  
Yeah, fuck you
...what a miraculous water!!!

Met the scent today.
One of our patients, about 35 years old, went through radiology for his examinations. At first I thought, oha, Aventus my dear, bissel overkill, but who can afford Aventus, that's a sausage anyway Since He had several examinations to stroll around, a little later not only the whole corridor smelled, but also all the examination rooms and their changing rooms that He used.
I noticed that it didn't smell like that California fruit candy-pineapple, but birch, apple and the citrus note were really intense.
Ok, must be a clone or maybe Elysium, you have only tested it 2 times and it somehow goes in that direction. The sillage of other perfume-wearers will never seem to me as if I'm wearing the fragrance myself, so it will be one of the better Aventus colleagues, except club de nuit or Explorer, the citrus note was too good for that.
My colleague had asked him what he was wearing, but unfortunately she wrongly assumed he was not the fragrance tree in question But shortly after that it turned out that she simply did not smell him, thanks to the FFP3 mask He was gone, but I knew where his room was, so I gathered my courage and went to him No kidding, I would have found him like this. It was more than half an hour ago when he was done with everything, but no matter where I walked, on the way this Aventusopening, mega delicious I went in and asked him what kind of perfume he was wearing. Puzzled he stared at me and told me what I wanted from him. After I repeated the question, he told me to show you He took the bottle out of his closet, put it in my hand and my confusion was boundless.
The bottle was firstly not Aventus, Roja or one of the better known Dupes, secondly not even pretty to look at Okay, he's got some puddle water in my hand right now because he didn't understand me A little bit turned in the hand and on top of the cap then the Adidas logo.
Never in my life I thought, but a quick check on the spray head, jap Issa!
It smells terribly synthetic from a short distance, but that doesn't mean anything.
Thankfully I take 2 spray puffs on my arm, pulling off again, knowing that he now has just as many question marks hovering over his head.
If you don't hold the spot constantly in your face, the synthetic note, which can be clearly identified as ambroxan later in the course of the treatment, also decreases with every cm.
Good that I wanted to send a scented mail, a bit of fresh air is always good for the tortured nose and indeed, on the way there again and again this little cloud.
Later my girlfriend confirmed that the whole hallway smells of me, the arm was already dry for over an hour and a half Now, 5 hours later I can say it's an ambroxane-birch mix with the citrus undertone I cannot understand what is being complained about the performance here. An edt in the price range, one sprays after, finished But he still holds out and gets a light sauvage twist.

Maybe my nose is just broken, but treat yourself to the nearest drugstore, secretly spray your companion with it and let her/him stroll through the shop. You won't feel this effect on test strips or your own skin Sure, in direct comparison with Aventus the STRK looks old, but on the next bike tour I'll treat myself to it (I already bought it^^) and pass the people with a smile and hopefully get positive reactions.
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