Yu Sōn 2015

Yu Sōn by Altaia
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7.9 / 10 96 Ratings
Yu Sōn is a popular perfume by Altaia for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is green-fresh. It is still available to purchase.
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Mandarin orangeMandarin orange Green teaGreen tea Gaiac woodGaiac wood Orange blossom absoluteOrange blossom absolute IrisIris Vegetal amberVegetal amber


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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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...what's important to you...
Like when a light summer rain falls quietly,
in the afternoon, in the warm and mild air.
On the streets of the city
few are on their way;
most of them stayed at home.
It has become quiet
and the leaden sky
loads sweetly on the shoulders -
a thunderstorm approaches.

The first drops run down
on the windows down
and are hardly to be heard.
In the room it slowly gets dark,
a light would only disturb now.
There'll be lightning and thunder,
and most of them are at home.

It'll be fine,
for not all have the strength,
the thunder and
to meet the lightning
without leaving anything behind.
So bleib´ also you at home,
by candlelight,
and summon the good spirits,
to protect and support you.

Put some of that down on them,
what you can spare,
what is important to you and sacred.

Let them have share
at your inner quake.
You won't regret it.


This scent tells me
of a summer day,
the afternoon rain heavy
and thunderloaded is
and it gets so dark
like a day in November.

It's full of little fruits,
mild and gentle,
silky, lively and communicative,
and the scents from the flower beds -
next door, in Blumenfreunds garden -
mix with the fragrance
in a dry, safe place,
candle-lit rooms
to a consecrated aura.

Peace is still there.

I look longingly after the rain.
I hear his rattling:
and it's all good.
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Hide-and-seek in the wrong place
Heieiei, the tangerine first works its way out of a layer of glue. As soon as she has managed this and shot down a few (certainly laboratory-pimped) fruit molecules, she is drowned in that tea note which is possibly related to magnolia and may in turn spring from the test tube - see below. Nevertheless, it all comes across as airy and refreshing. A hint of caramel creaminess grounded or rather binds the fragrance a little. Good idea.

Reminds me nevertheless too much of the Ruhr-Uni-Synthetik & Co. Especially the misguided 'L'Île au Thé' by Goutal comes to my mind. Maybe not twin, the Goutal test was a long time ago anyway. But so from this point of view everything fits that I can recapitulate from it: Plastic citrus fruit on synthetic tea.

After two hours 'Yu S'n' is on the skin. This is still not unfresh and smells somehow pleasant, at least my feeling of disturbance was more pronounced with the Goutal. The first reason to suspect already sounded above: the creamy bond.

The second reason is actually to moan. Because unfortunately the most beautiful part of the fragrance is lost in silence. After about three hours, the offensive chemistry temporarily recedes in favour of an impression of ambry orange (blossom). And indeed even a bitter-dark, tobaccolike, almost tarry (!) breath can be guessed. He oversteps the fruity aspect and would have deserved a broader stage.

But by noon, that's passé too. For the rest of the day only a stale chemical sediment remains: Hedion, I think, with his apparently built-in intersection to the mandarin. See, for example, 'L'Eau Serge Lutens', whom I don't like very surprisingly. That sends the corners of your mouth down again. A thought of bland wood in the progressive afternoon does the rest.

One last word on tea: it may be that the typical floral fragrance that lies over a cup of green tea is difficult or impossible to achieve without chemicals. Although I have sometimes suspected, hence the association above, a proximity to magnolia. The flower scent of my summer magnolia has such a twist. If, however, the supposed magnolia was also not real during the corresponding perfume tests, I am no further on this track with the subject of tea.

However, I recently got to know 'No. 69' from Firn Botanical Fragrance, a natural fragrance with such a true tea note that I have become a bit ungracious with other representatives since then. Why shouldn't what works naturally with black tea also go green (useful hints welcome as always!)? Perhaps then the chemistry veil would be omitted, which - and thus the circle closes - smells strangely like magnolia, although it is supposed to be tea.

Conclusion: Doof, when the best part of a fragrance is hidden.

I thank Tiara for the rehearsal.
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