Night & Dawn a Vampires Love

Night & Dawn a Vampires Love by Arts&Scents
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6.8 / 10 25 Ratings
Night & Dawn a Vampires Love is a perfume by Arts&Scents for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is spicy-sweet. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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PatchouliPatchouli VanillaVanilla SandalwoodSandalwood


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Dark Vampire's Love
In the night we're hunting in style,
with cognac and fruit we beguile
the most innocent souls and invoke
warm pictures in wood set to smoke.
In the dawn we caress our prey,
and before the sun turns them grey
we bed them, soft coffins of lust,
till the night rewakes them, I trust.

For once, a poem, born out of the olfactoric struggle to decompose the scent pyramid ;)

I entertain a certain fondess for the brand Arts & Scents, mainly because of their values: No conservatives, recyclable packages, good handicraft made in Germany. At the same time, the flacons and in particular the website design pulls me to pieces: The amount of esoteric creativity that confronts me appear like a psychedelic joke to me. I almost come to believe that payments are not made with money here, but by otherworldly nude mating rituals with unicorns whilst chanting occult mantras! But wait, the flacons are available - and I sincerely, unironically want to applaud - in various and thankfully also small sizes (5ml / 30ml / 60ml / 120ml) so that maybe a short yet intense prayer to the knickknack gods is sufficient. The designer in me is split between speechlessness and despair, hah.

Alas, a passaround package made it easy to overcome my slight unsettledness. And Night and Dawn knew to surprise! In several ways, first I actually considered that the head note may have gone bad. Even the next hour remained in fruity-smokey dissonance. But the following note schmoozed my nose in such a wonderful way ... ambra, I would guess, animalic and embalmed by a soft vanilla. These vampires stand in full blood, voluptuous fleshy corpses instead of dry-wrinkling bat skeletons. Warmbodied with an almost sinister aura that cajoles temptingly. Hours later, warm patchouli finds me, not the earthy dusty type but rather full and fruity, almost edible. The clearly wooden coffin can't be found in lost cryptas but in velvet red, darkened noble's living rooms.

After several tests, the head note started to find my liking as well, meanwhile I catch, too. And when I discovered that no otherworldly nude mating rituals were necessary, I at last surrendered to a small bottle for my collection.
I explicitely want to mention the heartful contact with the perfumer, even some extra wishes from my side were no problem for Manuela. Bonus points!

If you care for big names: Chandler Burr as a (usually harsh) perfume reviewer of the NY times, owns a bottle of this fragrance and looked upon the scent with merciful pleasure.

And now, fly on. May the night come.
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