Spanish Veil 2016

Spanish Veil by Edward Bess
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Spanish Veil is a popular perfume by Edward Bess for women and was released in 2016. The scent is sweet-woody. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Tonka beanTonka bean SandalwoodSandalwood Gaiac woodGaiac wood


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Ilok and its smokehouses
A small residual sample came with a ersoukten fragrance fluttered into the house. Has me extra pleased, because the filling from a sharing unfortunately never arrived.

I have to tell you about my father's Croatian hometown. He grew up in a small village in the Slavonian part of Croatia; it's called Ilok. Ilok is known for its good wine, consequently for its wonderful grapes. My family also owns extensive vineyards. But not only the wine and the special house construction (the houses are closely lined up with all the same concrete driveways) characterize the place, also its "scent" characterizes it.

In Ilok almost every house has its own smokehouse, where people smoke themselves bacon and hard sausage (called kobasica). I can't tell you how super delicious the hard sausage tastes. Also the homemade goat cheese and butter, the homemade bread... my kids and I gorge like crazy slightly ashamed and unable to contain ourselves at every relative we visit. When my grandma was alive, she always packed us goodbye kobasica, bacon, butter, cheese, homemade tomato juice, grape jam, etc. The car was always fully loaded, just so that the apples did not roll off the roof
What does the whole thing have to do with Spanish Veil? The first spray on the wrist, the first sniff, and I made a leap away from my hand. Iiiih :/ what is going on? It smells like... most intense smoked bacon!!! Something's fishy about it. Again ran with the nose, rümpf, nope really bad.

I get a glass of water in the kitchen, wonder if this intense smoked smell will wash off, dare another tentative sniff from afar. Oh... he's transformed. And what a beautiful transformation. I smell soft marzipan! Even a bit of fresh underlay. With a beautiful woody note. I'm... in love. How lovely. If this beginning is what it takes to get this result, I'm in!

I'm an overly impulsive person, I get carried away quickly, so I immediately look online for deals. My reason turns on warning, the silage... hm is it enough? It is evening, the nose already limited receptive, I adjourn to the next morning.

Early in the morning the same game from the beginning: sample sprayed on, an olfactory slap in the form of smoked bacon received. I wait, 20 min, still bacon, only not quite as brutal as in minute 1. Another 15 minutes pass - bacon. Another half hour later - bacon. Unfortunately, this time the beautifully powdery marzipan note no longer appeared.

A few days later I try it again, I want to lose myself in the fragrance again - it remains with the campfire and the bacon.

Pity. This note should prevail with me. Ergangen it any of you similarly?

I do not rate the fragrance. It would turn out very badly and with the good overall rating I assume that my brain synapses a teensy similarity in the fragrance with the old familiar to me smoky shed smell connects.
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Winter Beauty
Spicy powdery tonka bean with a hint of smoke describes the fragrance quite well for me. When I walk through the cold with my mask and always such a gush rises into my nose - divine. I am neither a fan of winter nor of masks, but here both are beneficial. Durability and Sillage are great! And if something lands on your scarf, you get something for a very long time. With this scent I feel beautiful and delicious :D

Without Tabla and Vieavecjulie I would certainly not have come to this great sweetheart. Thanks to both of you! And also to all the other perfumas/os who send you tips and suggestions and also their comments, statements and pinboard entries that lead to new fragrance ideas.

When you start something new, in this case perfume, it is great to start under guidance. And, as luck would have it, I ran into a savvy perfumer here. We met in a huge perfume department and spent an afternoon sniffing around. I enjoyed this afternoon very much and was also able to talk about my other love - cinema and films in general.

Hopefully next year we can go to the perfumeries again without a mask. Then it will be fun again to try out fragrances there.

Stay healthy, have a contemplative Christmas time and have a good start into the new year

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