Love by Engelsrufer
Bottle Design Christian von der Heide
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6.7 / 10 68 Ratings
Love is a perfume by Engelsrufer for women and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
Mandarin orangeMandarin orange Pink pepperPink pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Lily of the valleyLily of the valley JasmineJasmine IrisIris
Base Notes Base Notes
MuskMusk SandalwoodSandalwood CedarwoodCedarwood
6.768 Ratings
5.959 Ratings
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8.683 Ratings
Value for money
7.513 Ratings
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Slight confusion, but hope remains...
I became aware of the Love by Engelsrufer through Kilian Rolling in Love, because the fragrance is displayed as a fragrance twin. I found Rolling in Love beautiful, but the money was not worth it in my opinion. When I went to the miller I had to test Engelsrufer right away. Sprayed on, smelled and first had to go shopping. After a while it developed very beautifully, flowery, delicate but very well perceptible for hours and thus stuck in my head. Today after my appointment at the optician's, I walked past Müller again, and see "20% off all fragrances". I quickly leafed through my wish list in my head and immediately thought of Love. But since I was late and had to go to work, I went inside, grabbed the bottle and quickly went to the cash register with it.
Full of anticipation I immediately unpacked the package in the car, sprayed the scent and ......... and there was almost nothing. I sprayed 4 more sprays on my wrist hoping to smell something, but I didn't, I smelled almost nothing, as if the scent had been diluted at least 10 times. All my hopes that it will develop in the cold or then in the heat have not been confirmed Even now at home in the evening after 5 sprays I hardly smell the scent. I cannot really explain this phenomenon to myself. Maybe I should just leave it for a while in the hope that there will be a change. I would love to experience the great scent that I had in my nose when I first tested it Hope dies last and I can wait.

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Outside hui, inside much too sweet
Up to now I have always passed the brand "Engelsrufer" because it seems to me a bit too esoteric and I can't do anything with it. But you don't want to be like that, so just put it on the shelf and spray Love.

All in all I tested it twice on the skin, because the first time I noticed a subliminal tipping note. Unfortunately, this happens quite often with the testers in the illuminated drugstore shelves.

The top note was still beautifully tangerine and tangy. Unfortunately only for 2 minutes. The flowery heart note is simply too sweet for me. Artificial flowers dusted with way too much icing sugar. And this powdery one really reminds me of Lacoste Pour Femme. Only in viiiiiiel sweeter.

The sillage is very strong for about half an hour. But after that it runs out of air very quickly. In the base it gets a bit woody, but still too sweet and only perceptible when you sniff the skin.

I'm afraid this scent is not for me. I would only recommend Love to those of you who wish for a much sweeter Pour Femme. But even then, it doesn't really pay off. Angel Caller scents, are for that they stand in the drugstore shelf next to Mexx and Co. already quite expensive. Could be because the flacon design was clearly more effort than the fragrance itself.

Let's see if the other fragrances in the range have something more to offer
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It's what it is
Yesterday the husband discovered three angel callers scents at D in the lowest shelf.

With Love, Luna and Love.

Who had these beautiful scents so banished offside?

Even the husband was indignant, because he likes to perceive With Love in me.

I'm torn between Luna and Love.

Difficult to decide because both fragrances are attractive in their own way.
Here the silver full moon in starry night - there a flower meadow in broad daylight.

Light jasmine and fresh lily of the valley are still mildly powdered by iris.
Yet Love does not lose its lightness.

Sandal nestles intimately and the cedar supports the fragrance with a delicate smoky touch.

Sighing, I put Love back on the shelf and carry Luna to the checkout.

There comes the husband with the pink cartouche and says: You can't leave the love here !
How right he is.

I must think of Erich Fried :

What it is

It's nonsense
reason says
It's what it is
says the love

It's bad luck
says the calculation
It's nothing but pain
says the fear
It's futile
says the Insight
It's what it is
says the love

It's ridiculous
says the pride
It's reckless
says the caution
It's impossible
says the experience
It's what it is
says the love
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