Jardin Mystique 2011

Jardin Mystique by Friedemodin
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7.4 / 10 48 Ratings
Jardin Mystique is a perfume by Friedemodin for women and was released in 2011. The scent is floral-green. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Heart Notes Heart Notes Lily of the valleyLily of the valley Jasmine absoluteJasmine absolute Orange blossomOrange blossom RoseRose
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Submitted by Vanita, last update on 10.11.2022.
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The scent of the mutant
Hello again. Well, what's going on with you guys? Were you expecting me? Beautiful! But I have the feeling that I could drive some of you away again with my forthcoming Kommi once again. What do you mean? Well, one at a time. First of all, today I am testing a fragrance from Friedemodin, a brand of which I have not yet tested a single fragrance.

It's about the fragrance Jardin Mystique, which translates as mystical garden. So, now comes the part where 90% of all readers leave right away, and so I shouldn't mention it... but I can't help it... Mystique is also a female comic figure! HA! I started it again, mu ha ha ha. She is the blue mutant from the X-Men comics (and movies) who can take any other shape. *Sigh* You're all looking so disinterested right now... but one thing I have to get off my chest: In the movies the actress's blue makeup was applied to her almost naked body, aaaaaah, that's why she looks so crisp, waaaah! And especially on the artist, who was allowed to apply this makeup on her body, all (guys) are jealous *sigh* :DD
(The whole makeup procedure took seven hours a day, by the way..., phew!).

Well... Never mind. For the remaining 10% who are still here, I'll just tell you something about the Mystic Garden. I imagine a garden that is mysterious and smells of many, many exotic plants, of which I certainly do not know a single one :D
But we'll see, so let's go...

The fragrance:
Instead of a garden I smell aldehydes and fruity-sweet currants at the beginning. But then, when the first fragrance cloud with the aldehydes has diminished, I do smell flowery notes. First of all, there is jasmine, which gives the fragrance a nice sweetness. The lilies of the valley smell even more intense, however, as they are flowery with white flowers as well as sweetly scented and thus come across very nicely.
In the background I smell light neroli, which fits well to the plants as well as harmonizing well with the aldehydes, which by the way also make the fragrance a little more "adult".
Gradually, the scent becomes greener and more flowery and slightly grassy (so it smells a little like great, freshly cut grass). The aldehydes lose even more intensity, making the fragrance slightly fresher and greener. It still smells of lily of the valley, jasmine and orange blossoms, but also of general flowers, soft and creamy notes and light, earthy patchouli. Basically the fragrance stays that way until the end, in the base mix a little sandalwood and musk with it, but both fragrances seemed quite weak to me. All in all a beautiful fragrance.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is okay, the smell is now neither particularly strong nor particularly weak and thus for a while at one well smellable, if one should not stand too far away. The shelf life is lower average with about five to six hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and has a brown fabric label on the front showing the name of the fragrance. The brand name and the logo of the brand stand tilted under the label, with the first E of Friedemodin representing a key. The neck is gold-plated and carries the transparent, rectangular lid. All in all okay, but maybe a tick too simple.

Soo,... so the scent is for me now neither mystical nor otherwise exotic. One simply smells a flowery scent or garden, which could stand so in each corner. But: It doesn't matter at all that it doesn't smell quite so mysterious, since the fragrance is still quite successful after all and therefore smells quite good!

And anyway, for me every fragrance with flowery notes is rather mysterious, because I am the worst botanist of all time. Therefore all gardens on earth are a secret to me, and no matter how simple they are designed :D

The fragrance is light and loose and fits very well into spring and summer. Since it loses its sweetish notes a bit quickly, the fragrance becomes more of a daily fragrance that could be used at work, at university or so instead of being used for going out. So if you are looking for an everyday, well made flower scent with a rather low sweetness, you should remember it here and try it if possible :)

Well, that's that, then. Everyone who has run away from the beginning because of my Mystique-Mutantin-description will miss a great scent,... hell hell, my fault :DD
Have a nice evening and see you next time! :)
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