Domaine du Cap 2015

Domaine du Cap by Hervé Gambs
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Domaine du Cap is a perfume by Hervé Gambs for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is spicy-green. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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ThymeThyme BasilBasil CedarwoodCedarwood RosemaryRosemary Wild fennelWild fennel
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Spices & what? (MUD VIII)
Domaine du Cap, I imagine a vineyard near the sea. Fresh air, ozone pregnant and perhaps the scent of Mediterranean herbs. I find none of that in this scent of Hervé Gambs.

Instead, the start is very spicy, resinous and even minimally smoky. It may be that the combination of basil and thyme creates this effect on me. Lemon and fennel do not force themselves upon me.

As things progress, it becomes difficult. Because what I smell there really puzzles me at first. But in the end it's clear to me that it smells like chicory coffee, a scent from my childhood, when real bean coffee was simply too expensive and it was cut with these cubes. And unfortunately for me this impression does not change for the rest of the course.

For me, 'Domaine du Cap' is a masculine scent to wear in spring and autumn during my free time. The charisma is quite decent and the shelf life is a good eight hours.

I thank killer bee for the sample.
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