We love NY - Love Coco
Love Coconut

We love NY - Love Coco / Love Coconut by Honoré des Prés
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We love NY - Love Coco is a perfume by Honoré des Prés for women and was released in 2010. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Coconut milkCoconut milk CorianderCoriander Coriander seedCoriander seed
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Tonka beanTonka bean Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla
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CoconutCoconut CedarwoodCedarwood


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Come Over to the Dark Side, We've got Psychedelic Coconut Candies
It would just be the case that I finally used up all of this sample of Love Coco I've had for a year and finally decided after 5-6 wearings that it is divine and worth adding to my collection only to discover that it is currently on back order everywhere and not available. Ugh!!! Why did I waffle on this one, you might be wondering...Me too!
Honoré des Prés first appeared on my radar a couple years ago during a fabulous vacation to Maui, HI. Unfortunately, so did about 5 other fabulous fragrance lines! I ended up limiting myself to 1 fragrance purchase for fear that my in-laws were fairly close to staging a perfume shoppers intervention for me- I chose IF by Apothia- another gorgeous tropical vacation in a bottle. Love Coco and Vamp A NY were both appealing, but seemed almost too simple and my samples seemed oily on the skin like a homemade mixture of essential oils and Coconut oil Suntan Lotion and less like a high end niche fragrance that I was seeking. I put the lot of them aside for a year and then received a sample of Love Coco with another fragrance purchase. I love this scent for it's uncompromising attention to Phylate-free chemistry, unique bottle design packaged in a reusable jar (?) and the quirky earthen urban-chic hippie vibe. I picture Lenny Kravitz or Drew Barrymore wearing this scent as they slink around the Paparazzi in low profile summer plaid and 5,000 dollar vegan leather boots to get a skinny double large Soy latte and a dairy-free gluten-free (their not Celiac/intolerant, it just seems cooler) rosemary cranberry scone. Oddly, the first thing I pick up on is a coriander seed and rooty raw carrot note (not mentioned) that reminds me of the orris rooty note in Hiris by Hermes. This rooty earth note is soon followed by the gentle natural coconut milk and vanilla bourbon which really remind me of Ferrero Rocher Creamy Coconut Raffaello Candies- not too sweet with a surprising fluffy whipped cream center. Love Coconut is milky and not too sweet, which I believe is a noteworthy accomplishment when dealing with Coconut fragrances. The little kick from the Coriander in 2 forms (leaf and seed) gives this a Bollywood feel like the little twang of the Sitar sends a twinge of excitement down the spine signalling the impending feast of spicey curries, Mango Lassi and dancing in the monsoon. I just dissapeared there for a minute... O.k., so back to Love Coco- the sillage is low to moderate the longevity is somewhere around 4-6 hours on me. I dare say that even though this is slightly sweetened, it could still be a unisex scent for Summer due to the soulful woody notes lingering in the base and the coriander. This review is a rambling magic carpet ride, all experienced while wearing this simple little scent. I guess that is the point... Love Coco weaves a psychedelic dream state around the wearer and has converted this not-a-coconut-fragrance-fan to the dark side.


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