Londa 1005 2011

Londa 1005 by O'Driù
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7.6 / 10 8 Ratings
Londa 1005 is a limited perfume by O'Driù for women and was released in 2011. The scent is green-animal. The production was apparently discontinued. Limited Edition
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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
MintMint PinePine Salty notesSalty notes Smoky notesSmoky notes LemonLemon
Heart Notes Heart Notes
CuminCumin Lemon grassLemon grass LavenderLavender BasilBasil GingerGinger
Base Notes Base Notes
VermouthVermouth VetiverVetiver Air accordAir accord Green teaGreen tea MuskMusk


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Very Good, But Extremely Tough To Wear...
Londa 1005 opens with an innovative, but somewhat off-putting combination of pungent cumin, salty fish and pine, mixed with an even larger dose of culinary herbs than is the house's usual signature. There very well may not be any fish in there, but the accord the open produces surely smells like fish that is a bit past its "sell by date" or of the frozen variety (most likely this accord is actually a mixture of the saltiness with the cumin and the pine). The opening is tough to get past on this one, to be honest (especially if you are not a fan of the smell of frozen fish). However, once you *do* get past the extremely loud fishy/spicy opening, the saltiness and the fishy smells both calm down nicely, as does the cumin that came off as too strong at the open, and now in the background it all mixes with the remaining herbs, tempered further by a lemongrass undertone also spiked with just the faintest hint of both ginger root and musk. This phase of the scent is quite nice indeed and should appeal to spice lovers everywhere. You really notice the fishy smell much less, and the spices, while toned down are at the fore. The base features the musk in a more prominent role, coupled with a somewhat smokey vetiver, a woody accord that I can't quite place, the remaining spice and I think I smell even a small amount of castoreum in there too. Londa 1005 really stays spicy through the end, with a somewhat animallic woody aspect that first peeped into the heart notes but finishes in the base a bit stronger, but never overtaking the spicy focus. Projection and longevity are both average.

Londa 1005 is most likely going to be a polarizing scent. The opening is so pungent and fishy that it may lose some folks right off the bat. I encourage anyone put off by the opening notes to stick with it though (spicy scent lovers in particular), as there really is a nice payoff in the heart and base notes where the more challenging aspects of the scent recede and end up providing crucial support to the other notes. On the whole, once I got past the opening I enjoyed Londa 1005. I certainly prefer a few of the other scents in the line more-so than this one, but it is a very solid composition that most would have to admit is quite unique. It certainly is not going to be for everyone, but count me as one of its supporters. 3.5 stars out of 5.
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MarabuntaMarabunta 3 years ago
Fishy, then chlorophyll, then ruh khus, then salty and humid fishes once again, sensual musk and cumin under a smoky cloud of green tea.
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