Felce Azzurra 1923 Eau de Toilette

Felce Azzurra (Eau de Toilette) by Paglieri
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Felce Azzurra (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Paglieri for women and men and was released in 1923. The scent is powdery-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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It just had to be tested
My best teenage girlfriend used the Felce Azzurra body powder and when I moved back to Germany and realized that you can buy it anywhere, I bought it and have been keeping dry at work ever since. That sounds wrong. I use it on workdays. That sounds better. I like the smell of the powder a lot and so I just had to test the Eau de Toilette. On the website of the manufacturer I do not find any information about the content scents. "100 ingredients from all over the world' are included and the formula is secret, 'handwritten between the pages of a notebook'. I guess violets, galbanum, cinnamon and cloves as well as musk and patchouli. I don't recognize the other 90+ ingredients and maybe I typed wrong.

The top note of the eau de toilette corresponds exactly to the smell of the powder. It's even just as powdery. Unfortunately, the powdery scent on my skin disappears after a very short time (really very short, seconds or a couple of minutes) and gives way to a synthetic greenish-tart scent that reminds me of something completely different. M (fam. Tester 1) called it Toilettenstein. I'm not supposed to insult perfumes in my comments, I know that. Not even when I'm disappointed. But I had to prove M right. Let us therefore call it artificial musk compounds for use in sanitary appliances.

Earlier I noticed that analogous to puzzle pictures there are also puzzle scents. Fragrances that smell of what they are supposed to smell of on the one hand and something completely different on the other. A perfume can smell of pepper and roses and at the same time of menthol even if there is no menthol in it. Felce Azzurra is also a puzzle scent.

But the eau de toilette gets weaker quickly and a quarter of an hour later I find it more pleasant again. It then smells spicy-fresh with a more or less bitter note. But it'll never be like the powder again. After 4 to 5 hours also the last blue fern on my arm disappeared.

Conclusion: I will continue to use the powder and the deodorant stick smells really good. The Eau de Toilette just had to be tested, but in the best case it will go into the perfume box in the cellar
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