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Vitrum by Sammarco
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Vitrum is a popular perfume by Sammarco for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is smoky-earthy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Tea drinking with the leather colossus or what the Hulk does with a rose
Tenderly, he yells in my ear. I was very pleased to invite him. Through the hole in the wall, I see my neighbors staring at us in disbelief. The plaster is still crumbling a little from the edges. He has just taken the shiny, clean tea service from his monstrous throat bag. Black steam is spreading through the room. Is it tea or does it smoke from a head of a huge monster?

"How did we meet again?"

"Got your address from the M3000 who said I should visit you. You like Assam?"

"The tea? Oh, yeah, I'd love to. Unfortunately I can't see my teacup because of the smoke."

"Here you go. Some iodine?"

"No, dan..."

A terrible scream of wrath blows the few remaining hairs straight. From his nostrils, a large gush of black secretion splashes into my cup.

"Thank you."

He circles with one of his greasy fingers in the microscopically small appearing teacup and looks thoughtlessly into space. An overwhelming smoke aroma now emanates from the liquid and the unknown. The expression of dull serenity in the face of this giant creature, sitting and stirring on the sofa, could not seem more inappropriate, I think.

"Assam, did you say?"

A long sigh of affirmation follows my question.

"May I?"

In the teapot I discover grass and herb containers, black roots and lumps of earth in a bubbling brew. Also the first green tufts sprout on the skin surface of the lethargic looking, not so fearsome monster.

"Here, listen. Your skin, it's made of really strong tanned leather. But now there's all this ethereal green stuff coming out. Is that normal or should I get the hedge trimmer?"

"That's all right, you'll see more changes."

"You suddenly talk so swollen. The tea is excellent, by the way. Assam as he could not be blacker and more herbaceous. Where to buy it?"

The iodine note was not mine, but somehow belongs to the greasy creaminess of the smoking soup, I thought.
To my astonishment, the earth-colored, dark giant on my sofa had mutated into a neat beauty in a leather jacket, wild hair and a gorgeous green beard.

"On my long travels I meet some of the most famous manufacturers of luxury products in the world. I would be surprised if you would have the money left for such a exquisite treasure, I see myself around in this habitually hardly to be surpassed dwelling."

"Well, give me a break. I have some very nice homemade pot holders."

"I don't have time for such things."

The spirited handsome had jumped onto the sofa in one movement and posed with his chest outstretched: "In me the man's power awakens, the spirit of spring has come to me. Say, is there a shop here where they sell plants and other flowers?"

"A flower shop?"

"Yes. It must be a rose and the sweat on my skin and no woman can resist my animal evaporation."

"I must say, in fact, your daring, rustic appearance has subtle sex appeal. Your sweat is the ambratic attractant?"

"It runs out of all my pores. The seductive innocence of a single wild rose has the suggestive phantasm of security in the midst of natural lust."

"You can tell, you're a hard man to tame. Still, you should know about modern mating rituals: If one of the ladies you love asks for a Louisa, let it go with the homage and first go to a secret place of your choice and stay there for an indefinite time. Oh, I can barely let you walk around out there alone. You'd be like an Eskimo in the desert. You with your piggy self-confidence in a world full of idealized restraint and sexual neutrality, I have to see that. I'll go with you. Let's go!"

A flower shop and a police department later, the dear friend hangs crumpled over the last drop of remaining tea enjoyment, where I take him comfortingly in my arms, place him on the sofa and promise to introduce him the next day to a group of people who would certainly appreciate his very special way. This is the strange group of perfume lovers, I explain to him.
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Hardcore Vetiver...
Vitrum opens slightly boozy, quickly adding in a culinary herbal, olive-like natural accord with a heavy infusion of extremely high quality smoky vetiver. As the composition moves to its early heart, the smoky vetiver infused culinary herbal accord grows in intensity with just the faintest hint of dull rose to counter early, adding in relatively strong radiant incense late. During the late dry-down the herbs dissipate revealing a fine black pepper and just detectable oakmoss joining the remnants of the smoky vetiver and incense through the finish. Projection is below average to average, but longevity is outstanding at nearly 24 hours on skin.

On first application, Vitrum, with its mixture of vetiver, coupled with culinary herbs and an olive-like undertone conjures up some key similarities with the best of the superbly innovative O'driu releases, most notably compositions from its Vetyver Experience line, Supercilium in particular. The vetiver used in the composition is super-high quality, showing off its raw, untamed smoky facets not unlike the kind used in the great Turtle Vetiver series by LesNez. This is not vetiver for those that just like the ingredient or tolerate it in compositions when paired with others, but rather Vitrum was obviously created with hardcore vetiver fans in mind, the ones that long to live and breathe vetiver, loving every minute of it. The composition based on prior comments and reviews has proved quite polarizing due to its untamed aggressive vetiver nature, but make no mistake; Vitrum is absolutely incredible smelling and the stuff of dreams for vetiver enthusiasts like me. The bottom line is the $145 per 30ml Vitrum is a remarkable work that showcases the high skill of perfumer Giovanni Sammarco impressively matched by the extreme quality of its ingredients, earning it an "outstanding" rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. If you are a hardcore vetiver lover that enjoys compositions like Supercilium and the Turtle Vetiver Series, Vitrum absolutely is a mandatory composition to sniff.
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Not as smooth as glass
Sammarco is an artisanal line that also caters to all those who want a custom made fragrance or wish to acquire some of the choicest and less available perfumery materials. Founder and perfumer Giovanni Sammarco values high quality ingredients and devotes his creations to showcasing their beauty.

Vitrum, initially created as a bespoke perfume for a journalist named Francesca, spans the gender spectrum easily. It revolves around vetiver, featuring its earthy, dry and flinty characteristics. Black pepper adds spiciness and, combined with a subdued rose that softens the austere demeanour, renders the composition more refined. After a harsh, if not unpolished, opening, it progresses into a respectable take on vetiver. Overall, Vitrum is surprisingly sheer, yet not at all without substance and lives up to its name. Still, a superb composition does not necessarily result from exquisite materials alone.
Out of the regular Sammarco range I prefer Vitrum but admittedly fail to appreciate the rave reviews.
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