Stoned by Solange Azagury-Partridge
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Stoned is a popular perfume by Solange Azagury-Partridge for women and was released in 2006. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is still in production.
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RoseRose BergamotBergamot
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LabdanumLabdanum JasmineJasmine Tree mossTree moss
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Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla MuskMusk


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A heart of ruby
In a heart of ruby
Tears of citric
shed in aromas of vanilla
trapped by the smoke of time and space.
Infinite depths
Happiness so near and yet so unattainable.

Because of course, again, it's almost impossible to find, that dream.

Citrus bergamot
Sweetly enticing, beguiling vanilla
a delicate hint of smoke,
with a tiny pinch of tobacco at the very end.
That's all this fragrance is,
and yet so unique,
in its incredible depth and sensuality.
It is an addiction,
an insatiable desire,
to lose oneself in these depths,
as if not of this world.
A floating through space and time,
you can let go,
because something is there to hold you.
You can let go and enjoy,
a piece of infinity.
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The Ride
Now you sit here with you alone in the semi-darkness of the room. Just you and the bottle in front of you, which is as red and dark as the heart of Shiva itself. You're afraid to open it a little. What will happen to you when you taste the content? What kind of pictures will you see? What gates are opened? What kind of trip are you going on? And so you open the bottle, on which a goddess is enthroned. And you already know it's going to be your undoing, but you don't care. Like so many things by now. Things can only get better! So you dab some of the essence on your pulse, some on your carotid arteries and some on your chest and lean back. You close your eyes and wait and see what stoned will do to you. Which one of her faces she's gonna show you. Which of her many arms will embrace you and pull you down into another world, into her world,...into her kingdom!
The moist drops you applied have not been visible on your skin for a long time. The sweet poison slipped through her like a narcotic bite. It flows through your veins and veins like boiling, sweet and sinful rose oil. Every cell, every fiber in your body is flooded with it. Gently you sway your head as if to a melodic-hypnotic music. You can hear inside how your vertebrae crackle, as if the finest and most delicate caramel is being grated on your soul. The fine hairs on your skin stand up and start dancing. It's as if love itself breathes its breath down your neck. Your own will has long since risen in the holy and resinous smoke of Labdanum. The heart is filled with musky-soft whispers. It pumps with every single blow abyssal sensuality and devotion through your body of tough rivers full of sinfully spicy vanilla. Peace lies over your soul like a web of sweetish brown-green mosses and lichens. It feels like a powdery soft caress of a person you once loved very much, still love or will love! Beautiful, unique and unforgettable! In the face of stoned, your smile freezes, that which you thought you had long lost. And with the opening of your eyes you raise your wrists and bring them back to your face and nose to taste the glittering, fragrant red dust again. Over and over again, because this journey should never end!

If it were stoned music, it would be the finest electronic beat. Soft, rhythmic, hypnotic, paralysing and narcotic. If stoned architecture was, it would be the Taj Mahal. A place of peace and never ending affection. If it were a feeling, then it would be that warm feeling you feel under your heart when love passes through you. Tingling warmth, longing and waves of the deepest harmony. With Stoned, Lyn Harris has not only created a perfume, it is much more an intangible, beautiful state. A fragrant journey that begins on the skin and ends deep in the soul. A fragrant, artful and charismatic "narcotic" and one of the most beautiful, olfactory perfumes to blow your head away in an enchanting way.
Stoned starts where Shalimar ends!

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Stoned in love
Well I am still honing my skills when it comes to reviewing fumes... So here goes my attempt at this truly unique perfume. I have been admiring this from afar-perhaps because of the bottle or even the price, but I really wasn't considering the notes even though they are right up my alley. But wow I really think this it's DIFFERENT and unique. Lately everything seems to run together and starts to smell repetitious of one another especially since I tend to trend a certain way with my fragrances, but not this juice.

The rose is very dainty to me (apparent) but not overwhelming. The vanilla is sweet and subdued but the musk is so warm and soothing. There is a bit of spicyness to this as well (can't put my finger on it) its a classic scent and wears close to the skin, by no means is this a silage monster. It also doesn't have a lot of staying power- this could be due to the small amount I sprayed on my arm trying to conserve the amount I still have left. I still love the bottle and I do like the juice.. Do I want to drop 300 maybe...It haunted me so that I did go out and purchase it and I am not disappointed.
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