Skymning 2017

Skymning by Svensk Parfym
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Skymning is a perfume by Svensk Parfym for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in production.
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An affectionate hug from violet to musk, leaving her perfume (iris) lingering in the air...
I'd like to first thank Svensk Parfym for the opportunity to test their first six fragrances.

Among the first six Svensk Parfym offerings, Skymning is an instant hit for me, as violet and iris are among my favourite notes, and Skymning illustrates this violet note in such a vivid way that it strongly reminds me of the French violet candy - Violette de Toulouse.

Speaking of violet candy, among those often recommended as violet-candy-themed fragrances, one can usually find suggestions such as Guerlain Insolence, Van Cleef & Arpels Féerie, etc. They're indeed lovely, full of the cheerfulness and innocence of sweet berries along with the violet like how the candy tastes. However, what they lack, according to my personal preference, is the surprising herbal, minty, even a bit earthy, anise-like spicy and medicinal taste in the violet candy. I found it in Annick Goutal La Violette with an anise undertone, and now I find it again in Skymning, but skewing more herbal with even a sort of nose-cleansing minty/menthol vibe to evoke the cool breeze under the violet sky at dusk.

I also appreciate the smooth, graceful transition from herbal, minty violet candy, to the clean fluffy white musk and velvety iris base very much. As if the clean white musk arrives to give a long, affectionate hug to the violet, and leaves it enough time to exit with grace, while the creamy, softly carrot-y and violet-tinged iris is like the haunting fragrance of violet lingering on the shoulder of the steamy white musk, long after violet's depart.

Skymning remains this ethereal, elegant velvety iris and fluffy white musk for the rest of its development. The iris never turns starchy, the white musk remains fluffy instead of tripping into laundry detergent, and the whole maintains a charming radiance instead of turning opaque and muddled. All in all, it's a very comfortable skin scent with panache.

Skymning projects moderately during its 2-hour violet phase, then stays close to skin for another 6 hours.

The evolution of Skymning is arguably relatively linear, like a violet colour gradually gets awashed into white. But the smooth transition, the carefully modulated details to render the accord life-like, all assures a end-result of refinement and gracefulness. I would definitely recommend it to violet fans, especially if you enjoy the herbal nuance of violet or if you prefer a more naturalisitic and diaphanous style.
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