Enigma by Wajid Farah / Ekstasé
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Enigma is a perfume by Wajid Farah / Ekstasé for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is leathery-fruity. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by White Feather Trading.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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The apricot in raspberry fur
Raspberry plus leather. This is an obviously winning combination and can indeed be approached in a number of different ways. Example: La Yuqawam is similar to TL but not identical, both have a different character. So there are other perfumes with these two contents, sometimes more, sometimes less good. Enigma by Wajid Farah is one of the less good ones. You can't tell immediately, but over time it becomes clear that some ingredients are very unround. Of course the fragrance also suffers from the comparison. It can and needn't win the comparison but it goes down without a sound.

Hard to say this directly, but the more often I deal with it, the more the raspberry does not look like a raspberry. It smells more like Rasasi's Tobacco Blaze. It contains overripe apricot. I'm surprised that no one has ever made this comparison, since the fragrance is often compared to Nur Eau Fine and apricot is the name of the game. At first I thought it was sour, unripe raspberry but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if the head buyer of Wajid Farah still has his job. Obviously he bought fruit that had been incorrectly re-fertilised. Was he told that the fruit pulp was raspberry and because the colour matched, he struck out? Unfortunately something went wrong and now it smells like sour raspberry with the overripe kind of apricot
Probably it is the thyme, which is roasted together with the raspberry here, which is supposed to unfold. That just doesn't work out so well. Probably also because the intensely aromatic saffron and the incense in the background quickly play a role. I just have to say, raspberry with incense and then spices, that doesn't work. At least not this way, because for that you would need a stronger raspberry. The saffron is aromatic, but tends to be penetrating and the incense is unfortunate. He joins in, but nobody really knows what role he should take on.
It was okay on the first test, but all day on the skin? Unfortunately no, unfortunately not at all. The raspberry looks like a cheap copy of itself, olfactorically it is no fun. The other flavours are too dominant Another point is that Enigma takes too long to release the leather properly. With other fragrances, leather will start to set in quickly, making something of the fragrance. Not here. Gradually, it gains more and more space and I like the more dignified approach at the back. But that comes too late for me after the bumpy start.
I am aware that many people here find the fragrance really good and that's the way it should be, everybody likes it. After the first test I saw the right similar. After extensive testing and wearing it for a long time, it all became relative. For the original price of 10-20 Euros certainly worth an idea but - and I rarely say this, because only the higher price doesn't create a more valuable perfume - here I would actually resort to more expensive solutions, if it is to be the leather-fruit-combination.
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Thumbs up!
Blind bought this one for ab. 12,5 euros (in my country). Very nice bottle, good sprayer.
I smell dehydrated raspberry, wood and fine leather. Earth, too. Starts with wood and raspberry, then leather and raspberry. Divine. Bold. Emphatic. But not for everyone. Though it's a little sweet, I see it masculine enough, not unisex. Didn't smell Tuscan Leather yet (I'll do it from pure curiosity), but this one smell good enough (for me) to don't bother of this. I love it! Another happy blind buy after Swiss Arabian - Shaghaf. But not recommended for blind buying for everyone, only for those who like perfumes different from today mainstream perfumes.

Smell - 9/10
Longevity - 9/10, very long lasting
Sillage - 7/10, paradoxically, it's delicate
Overall - 8.5/10
Very good aquisition for the price: very good scent & performance/price ratio.
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