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Interesting Facts
Josephine Ademi is the founder of the niche label Wild Eden, passionate natural perfumer and author of the book "Natural Perfume - Balm for Body and Mind". At the age of 21 she founded her first company and works as a natural cosmetician, aroma and sound therapist. The love for nature brought her on this path. Josephine Ademi's first vision to create her own fragrances was during a summer vacation on the island of Capri. During a hike up the highest mountain on the island, a divine scent accompanied her. In the afternoon sun, myrtle, sea fennel, pine and wild jasmine exuded a delicious fragrance. Inspired by the wonderful odeur of nature, the idea of creating her own fragrance creations with 100% natural ingredients matured in her mind. Wild Eden combines the aesthetic aspects of a fragrance with health and well-being for body and psyche. The fragrances used are all naturally pure and come from organic cultivation or wild growth. Purity is Wild Eden's top priority. For Josephine Ademi, working as a natural perfumer is a great sensual experiment that, as she says herself, she gets involved in every day. The perfume brand Wild Eden stands for natural perfume of the highest quality and consistent use of natural ingredients
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