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Interesting Facts

The fragrance label "Kinetic Perfumes" was founded in 2020 and launched in 2022. It is committed to translating inspirations, memories, and emotions into beautiful and luxurious fragrances.

The creations of "Kinetic Perfumes" are the works of perfumers Mark Buxton and Christian Carbonnel. The founder of the brand discovered the world of fragrance in 2014 at the fragrance fair "Esxence" in Milan. He was fascinated by hundreds of different fragrances and aromas to such an extent that he indulged in perfume creation and numerous olfactory journeys. This led to the launching of the upscale fragrance label "Kinetic Perfumes" (also known as "Kinetic Perfumes Barcelona"), inspired by kinetics in numerous dimensions. The luxury label's fragrances are supposed to evoke some form of kinetic and artistic energy when applied. According to Kinetic Perfumes' philosophy, the fragrances represent the movements of molecules, as they are also produced by painting, music, or sculpture.

Kinetic Perfumes had already released an impressive selection of fragrances soon after its launching in 2022, which quickly met with a great response. Among the popular fragrances are, for example, "Sillage" (oud, saffron, violet), "L'Una" (rose, saffron, nutmeg), or even "Unreal" (suede, pepper, ginger, lemon).

Kinetic Perfumes' fragrances can be found on fragrance portals and the label's homepage. Online customers can subscribe to the newsletter and keep an eye on the latest releases.

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