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6 years ago - 25.08.2017
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The Way It Makes You FEEL (signature scent)

Greetings and salutations, fellow fragrance enthusiasts!

Right now, I'm fortunate enough to at this moment, bask in the warm, velvety opulent embrace of Jean Patou's classic, Joy (parfum). Wearing JOY, I always feel like this:
ENYA - Caribbean Blue

Sitting in my office, Enya's "Caribbean Blue" sings out from my tiny BOSE and inside the red canvas, metal-framed pet kennel next to me is the tiniest, frailest kitten I've ever seen; "Crusty", so named from the mucous in his eyes, went to the doctor yesterday (the day we found him) and his general prognosis for having a life, a decent one, is good.

When I wear JOY, the world is transformed into an exponentially better place to be overall. I'm happier, more patient, kinder, gentler, more settled and sublime. I'm likely to be more optimistic as well (like the beautiful Enya song).

What images/ songs/ other does wearing your own signature scent inspire?
How does it make you feel?

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