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4 years ago - 13.06.2019
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Awards given to Others :-D What to do?

Hello! One of my favourite features of Parfumo is the fact that we have the opportunity to appraise one anothers contributions and respond with input. Sometimes though, I simply award the photograph without saying anything in the comments. I wonder, is this uncouth? Or is it merely a private way of expressing respect for the beauty of the photograph without drawing any self-attention? I cannot decide. Perhaps it is laziness on my part as I cannot always articulate precisely how any given image makes me feel, but I do know when I like or love something and wish to encourage each photographer whose work I applaud by clicking on the little trophy.

I cherish each and every little trophy-click that I have as that encourages me to continue doing what we're doing: trying to capture the fragrances we love in a manner that will convey how the fragrance makes us feel. I hope to encourage other people who see my amateur images to try the fragrances that I love in the hopes that they (you) too will fall in love with something new and beautiful.
Parfumo is a wonderful, encouraging environment and I am very pleased to make each of your acquaintance!
Sign me grateful in the United States!

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