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2 years ago - 14.02.2022

Valentine fumes

By the time I strolled down to the florists, roses were sold out. All I could buy were tulips, which I find so beautiful to paint but not to smell. I passed on the tulips and continued my way to the supermarket and there again, tulips and orchids were on display and some roses arranged in overly priced heart shaped boxes. I suppose this will look beautiful on a table or a dresser.
I wondered what people were wearing in terms of perfume. I continue to get adverts about JPG and YSL as the ultimate sexy scent, is there a universally sexy perfume? Is rosy, gourmand or leathery? Or tulip? Or a safe cannot go wrong site it jo Malone? Which perfume in your collection paints that picture of a perfect date with a loved one? Mine? Is not settled yet.. there are too many options but they will probably all have tuberose.


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