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2 months ago - 20.03.2023
A Fragrance Journey Around the World: Les Destinations Presents Six New Unisex Fragrances

A Fragrance Journey Around the World: Les Destinations Presents Six New Unisex Fragrances

Behind each coordinate hides a destination: the new fragrance creations of the young German brand are designed to take the wearer on an olfactory journey to fascinating places.

"26°33'N 37°57'E" - al-'Ula

"An oasis under the Arabian desert sun with historically significant monuments and spectacular scenery, located on the ancient Incense Road where the most precious goods were traded - olfactorically interpreted by a wonderful oud note." - Les Destinations

"26°33'N 37°57'E"
begins with a sparkling opening of fresh bergamot, citrusy elemi and juicy raspberry. In the heart, a woody signature unfolds through notes of oud. The base of the fragrance is formed by a warm, woody and sweet symbiosis of patchouli, vanilla and cistus.

The dry heat of Saudi Arabia served as inspiration for the creation. The coordinates point to the al-Ula oasis, rich in archaeological and scenic treasures.

"My goal was to interpret the precious oud in a new and modern way, capturing the warmth emanating from the majestic rocks of this Arabian oasis." - Perfumer Gabriela Chelariu

"37°56'N 30°57'E" - Isparta

"Known as "Valley of roses", here lies the origin of the queen of flowers. The elegant fragrance of the Damascene rose is omnipresent." - Les Destinations

The top notes combine sensual rose notes with the light spiciness of pink pepper. Heart notes exude a floral, fruity interplay of blackberry, Moroccan rose absolute, Turkish Damask rose, peony and soft cashmere wood. Warm, woody essences of vetiver, amber and white musk complete the fragrance.

Behind the coordinates "37°56'N 30°57'E" is the Turkish province of Isparta, known for its roses and rose products. The fragrance was created by perfumer Sidonie Grandperret.

"3°36'N 98°38'E" - Sumatra

"Tropical jungles and smoking volcanoes give this island a unique exotic charm that is reflected in a voluminous fragrance." - Les Destinations

"3°36'N 98°38'E" opens with a fresh accord of herbaceous lavender and zesty lemon. In the heart, the spicy notes of cistus combine with the earthy and smoky nuance of vetiver, while balsamic benzoin adds a sweet and slightly resinous note. The fragrance is completed by woody patchouli, musk and vanilla notes.

The composition is inspired by the lush tropical forests of Sumatra, known for their exotic beauty and diversity.

My inspiration for this fragrance was the wilderness of the rainforest, the play of light and shadow, and the woody, earthy, and humid notes that you are immersed in there." - Perfumer Coralie Spiche

"21°7'S 55°32'E" - La Reunion

"Île Bourbon, as this small island was originally called, is the origin of the exquisite Bourbon vanilla, also considered the queen of spices. A vibrant city, in whose alleys the scent of the typical "tea stalls" mingles with notes of steaming basmati from the small rice kitchens." - Les Destinations

The top note of "21°7'S 55°32'E" combines bergamot and incense with a touch of spicy pink pepper. The heart note unfolds a floral interplay of ylang-ylang, delicate Bulgarian rose, warm cedarwood and creamy sandalwood. The fragrance is rounded off by oriental, sweet essences of vanilla, benzoin and tonka bean.

Perfumer Maurus Bachmann drew inspiration for the creation from the French island of La Réunion, famous for its aromatic bourbon vanilla.

"18°55'S 46°26'E" - Madagascar

'''When you travel through Madagascar, you travel through 1001 countries.' An island full of courage and legends and an endless variety of landscapes. Woody, warm and earthy notes characterize the landscape around the legendary "Allée des baobabs*" - Les Destinations.

The fragrance "18°55'S 46°26'E" starts with a refreshing top note of fruity bergamot and green cardamom. In the heart note, geranium, cypress and elemi combine to create a spicy accord. Woody, earthy and smoky notes of cedar, vetvier and moss finally round off the fragrance.

Madagascar, the home of the vetiver, served as the source of inspiration for the creation.

"I wanted to interpret the beauty of this contrasting wilderness in a fragrance. A dry warmth embodied by the woodiness of vetiver - smoky and earthy." - Perfumer Julien Plo

"19°4'N 72°52'E" - Mumbai

"A vibrant city where the scent of the typical "tea stalls" mingles with notes of steaming basmati from the small rice kitchens." - Les Destinations

"19°4'N 72°52'E" opens with a refreshing top note of tangy bergamot, invigorating matcha tea leaves and rice, followed by a floral heart of delicate roses and fresh violets enveloped by powdery tonka bean. The base notes are composed of striking nuances of cedarwood and musk, as well as sweet vanilla notes.

The nose behind the fragrance is perfumer Daniela Marty, who was inspired by the bustling streets of Mumbai.

The new fragrance creations are presented in transparent, cylindrical glass bottles topped with black caps.

The fragrances are available in bottle sizes of 50 ml

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