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12 days ago - 07.06.2024
An Ode to the Spirit of Discovery: The New Eau de Parfum Moscado by the Merchant of Venice

An Ode to the Spirit of Discovery: The New Eau de Parfum "Moscado" by the Merchant of Venice

With the new unisex fragrance "Moscado", the Italian luxury label The Merchant Of Venice captures the adventurous spirit of Venetian explorer Marco Polo.

An Eau de Parfum that pays homage to the most famous Venetian explorer, Marco Polo. A modern and unprecedented creation that invites you to discover all the facets of contemporary musk with its musky, woody and citrus notes.

The Merchant Of Venice

The Merchant Of Venice
The Merchant Of Venice

It opens with fruity, fresh notes of bergamot and green mandarin, which combine with the spicy warmth of cardamom and sparkling pink pepper. In the center, the floral sensuality of Bulgarian rose unfolds, enveloped by woody musk and the warm, slightly sweet scent of Somali incense. Finally, the rich, balsamic accents of myrrh and tonka bean in the base provide a velvety finish.

Moscado - The Merchant Of Venice
Moscado - The Merchant Of Venice

"Moscado" joins the Eaux de Parfum "Blue Tea" (2018) and "Gyokuro" (2022) in the "Venezia & Oriente" fragrance series. The collection is a tribute to the connection between the Venetian lagoon and the distant, exotic East, captured in fragrances inspired by tea.

Marco Polo
The Venetian merchant, explorer and writer Marco Polo (1254-1324) became famous for his travels in Asia. Together with his father Niccolò and his uncle Maffeo, he set off on an expedition at the age of 17, which took them through the Middle East and Central Asia to the empire of the powerful Mongol ruler Kublai Khan. Marco Polo spent 17 years at the Khan's court, exploring large parts of present-day China and visiting places such as Beijing, Hangzhou and Mongolia. When he returned to Venice, he wrote the book Il Milione, in which he described the riches, customs and technologies of the Far East, thus shaping the European image of the Orient.

The new fragrance is available in a bottle size of 100 ml.


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