Blue Tea by The Merchant Of Venice
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7.4 / 10 84 Ratings
Blue Tea is a perfume by The Merchant Of Venice for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-spicy. It is being marketed by Mavive.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 03.06.2023.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Very helpful Review 8  
My lord your tea is cold
On a beautiful Saturday in June (it was my birthday) I indulged in my shopping with a trip to Düsseldorf. There Parfumjunkie offers itself a very good selection at fine and rare smells, which are not there with us on the country. As good as that.
I took Straks and Schnur to the Bräuninger. Arriving there, my attention immediately fell on the "merchants of Venice". Since I may already call some sorts of it mine, I tended to a further acquisition. Such a birthday is a reason for it.

Snap, my hand has also clasped the Flankon of Blue Tea. ---- spray ----- wedel ---- sniff ---- uuäh! What the hell is this? There was no tea, no magnolia I loved so much, nothing from the description of the fragrance filled my nose with joy. Only blue as the name became it. So thought blueish from the bad smell.

One could imagine a stressful day at court, where the butler does not follow the butler anymore, overdoses the tea first and forgets it afterwards. "My lord, your tea is cold - and too strong - but if you drink it quickly, you may not notice." That's how fast I got that scent off my wrist. Luckily I didn't notice him anymore.

Silage: good smelling, not only close to the body < br /> Shelf life: I think like his "colleagues" very good
Flacon: Very pretty, noble and fine

Candidate for purchase: not for me. Too harsh, too severe, too unbalanced
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Top Review 30  
a fragrant but not necessarily necessary mess
There are days when you shouldn't even try to plan anything: there's always something in between!
It was the same with me: already in the morning nothing wanted to work out!
But this time the surprise was already pleasing - however with a somewhat unwanted end.

When the phone rang, I didn't feel like reacting at all. The mobile phone number didn't seem familiar to me, so I took the chance.
After the answering machine came on, it started babbling fast and loud: "Oh, you're not there! I thought we could..."
It was my fascinating Italian "scent acquaintance" that I released in that moment: I accepted the conversation.
As already mentioned, this is a very smart businesswoman, who is constantly jetting through Europe and was once again briefly in town - of course "in business"!
She wanted to go on to Hamburg; there is a "Tesoro" there, about which she keeps silent, but whose mention makes her eyes shine. Let her have it!
So I followed her "call", rigged up and drove to the main station.
We had a good hour until her train left and of course we used it in a typical female way: we chatted lively, ate a little something and drank something!
As always I had to overcome a certain initial shyness: this woman is an "eye-catcher" and in the first moments of her presence I was very aware of my own, quite exhausted appearance.
She also looked gorgeous again; even more great, however, was the pattern flacon she conjured out of her big bag or "digged" better: "Blue Tea" by "The Merchant of Venice"!
Only launched at the beginning of October and yet already in their possession! Wow!

The bottle in its beautiful Murano shape alone is extraordinary.
Instead of the always very tasteful coloured design, this time he wears an Asian impression: a fine feather line in blue on a white ground. The impression of delicate Chinese porcelain is probably wanted here.
The deep red lid and the matching tassel also underline the Far Eastern impression.
(You can see this tassel, however, that it hasn't just been in the big handbag since yesterday: it's already a little tattered.)

Now I had learned from our last meeting and plugged in one of my empty mini atomizers. Just "skin scent full" wasn't enough for me this time. But it was different.
After the first test she filled me with some of the scent; of course I was proud!
Proud until on the way home I noticed that in my zeal and under the gossip, I had probably not completely closed this little atomizer.
A large part of "Blue Tea" had already leaked when I searched for my keys on the way, and now sits in the lining of the black leather handbag - hurra!
"Oh Herzele: but you've done that very well again!"
That would not have been necessary and does neither the bag, nor the smell good!
Actually, I wanted to test more than "three and a half drops" on myself!

But now for the fragrance:
It cannot be denied that the Venetian perfume masters once again took hold of the city's historical chest: the seafarers and merchants are still present with them today and send their regards!
Already Marco Polo is said to have brought the first "Blue Tea" from his great trip to Asia.
This tea carries the name "Butterfly Pea Flower Tea" in the trade, is caffeine-free and should therefore be very popular. And of course, because of its blue color. So he's "a bit sophisticated"!
No question about it: I will also test it as a drink.

The opening is surprisingly earthy and spicy, with a fine but distinct nutmeg note.
Now I like the aroma of nutmeg; the grater is in regular use with me - nut after nut must believe in it.
The path leads to a heart that clearly tends towards the Far Eastern scent: a beautiful rose ("The Merchant of Venice" has a happy hand with its rose scents) is accompanied here by the delicate magic of the magnolia blossom.
It is amazing how they harmonize with each other - the rose does not dominate here!
Neroli, the soul flatterer, completes a tender floral heart note.
It also seems to have sneaked a little along the nutmeg grater: everything fits together here very gracefully!
Vetiver is dosed in such a way that this entire fragrance stands on a dark earthy-mossy ground.
Only in the later smell process the musk shows up with me.

Now I am known to be "cold-blooded": until I let a fragrance blossom to its full beauty, some time can pass.
Unfortunately, it also happens (e.g. with "Opium") that I create my own fragrance - the body heat is missing to achieve the result that the fragrance creators have in mind!
So my scent experiences are never generally valid, but very personal; therefore sometimes quite special!

"Blue Tea" develops very harmoniously with me; it seems quite fragile - reminiscent of the Asian ink drawings!
A very appealing elegance distinguishes this fragrance. That's probably why he goes so well with my "scent acquaintance."
By the way, the musk note develops stronger with her; "Blue Tea" becomes more sensual with her in the finale!
The individual scents blur like the still fresh colours of a watercolour; with me they are clearer, more accentuated!

"The Merchant of Venice is known for its fragrances that don't appeal to everyone.
You can't expect too long a shelf life from "Blue Tea" either.
(I hope that also applies to the lining of my handbag.)

But it was worth taking that call after all.
"Blue Tea" is a very nice fragrance experience, but will not be bought by me.
I think Italy outweighs the Far Eastern charm.
The scented cloak does not quite fit, even if it is very charming and exclusive.
But this fragrance is also worth getting to know and he will also find his lovers.
"Blue Tea" is certainly a stylish companion throughout the day.
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